Does Cedar Repel Mosquitoes?

Does Cedar Repel Mosquitoes?

Summer is almost here. Although summertime has many wonderful aspects such as warm weather, picnics, and other outdoor activities, it also has mosquitoes. In your endeavors to keep the blood-sucking vermin out of your yard, keep cedar in mind. If you are wondering if cedar repels mosquitoes, keep reading for the answer.

Cedar Plants

Mosquitoes often hover near cedar plants, but it is not because they are attracted to the scent. When mosquitoes move toward cedar trees or plants, it is because they are seeking shade or protection from predators.

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Natural oils

Cedar contains natural oils and chemicals that help to repel insects and mosquitoes in particular. Scientists have shown that certain bugs, including mosquitoes, stay away from sources of cedar. Not only can cedar repel these creatures, but it can even kill them.

Cedar mulch

Many homeowners have had great success keeping mosquitoes away by spreading cedar mulch in the yard. When cedar mulch is spread around a yard, there is a noticeable reduction in the amount of mosquitoes present. Cedar mulch is resistant to decay, and it also adds nutrients to the soil. However, it does have its liabilities.

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Cedar loses its color quickly and then takes on a gray hue that can be aesthetically unpleasing to some people. So, those who like the idea of using cedar for its mosquito-repelling properties, but do not want to ruin the look of their yard, must find another choice.

Cedar oil for mosquito control

Cedar oil is a great option for repelling mosquitoes. You will get all the benefits of cedar mulch without the unattractive side effects. The natural aroma of cedar oil is pleasing to people but objectionable to mosquitoes and other pests. An added benefit is that if mosquitoes come into contact with cedar oil, it can kill them, their eggs, and their larvae. It is so damaging to these pests because it pulls the water out of them, neutralizes the pests’ body fluids, interferes with their respiratory system and interferes with their pheromone receptors, which interrupts their behaviors.

Where to Buy Cedar Oil

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Cedar oil also helps to prevent the next generation of mosquitoes by dissolving their eggs, larvae, and pupae. The oil only needs to come into contact with the pests for it to be effective, the bugs do not have to ingest it. It's also not just effective for mosquitoes, but for ticks and many other insects. See our article on where to buy essential oils for more info on finding cedar oil.

If you need a sure-fire way to rid your yard of insects this summer, consider using cedar oil for mosquito control. You will have wonderful results and still be able to maintain a beautiful lawn.

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