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Gardening for Profit: Most Profitable Small Farm You’ve Ever Seen Pulls in $100k an Acre

gardening for profit

Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser run a profitable small farm called Singing Frogs Farm in Sebastapol, CA. Their methods are unconventional but they are economical, environmentally friendly, miserly in water usage and massively productive. By breaking all the rules of farming, they have been able to squeeze $100,000 per year in revenue from a single acre of land.

To put that into context, the average farmer in the state of California makes $11,000-$12,000 per acre, per year. They are now performing 8-9 times better than your average farmer in the Golden State. You don’t normally think of vegetable farming for profit as a venture any modern entrepreneur would undertake but the Kaisers are doing it.

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They started out farming like most new farmers do these days. They used conventional methods involving tilling the soil with discs and plows for only one type of crop—amounting to long days of back-breaking labor—which was yielding low productivity per acre. To add insult to injury, their soil was getting poorer over time making their situation ever more dire.

They were able to completely turn the situation around by getting back to basics. The first step was to change one of the fundamental practices of modern farming...tilling the soil.

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