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We pride ourselves on our expertise at the Organic Daily Post. Here are the professionals that review our content for truth and accuracy.

Ahmad Alsayes, M.D.
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Dr. Ahmad Alsayes is a physician of internal medicine, and 1st year Master student in Medical Informatics. Dr. Alsayes is a medical graduate of Alexandria University. 2 years of training as a house officer and then an intern in the main hospitals of Alexandria University gave him a comprehensive general clinical knowledge in critical care medicine. Thus, while his main training was intensive in critical care medicine and ophthalmology departments, he gained the required skills to operate in the private healthcare sector.

Also, as an M.D., Dr. Alsayes has a wide research experience as he has participated in dozens of clinical trials carried out by Alexandria University's faculty of medicine, mainly on chronic diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) and the role of natural/supplementary medicine in management of chronic conditions.

As an applied practice in the field of medical informatics he’s currently working remotely with HouseCall MD of Southern California (to manage medical data entry and coding aspects), and IQVIA of Montreal Canada (to provide retrospective clinical data analysis and quality checks).

In his spare time, Ahmad loves reading, running and cycling, and has participated in many races/events nationally.

Eric Wood, N.D.
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Trained at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Harvard University's Benson Henry Institute of Mind Body Medicine and Georgetown's Food as Medicine program, Dr. Eric Wood is a leading naturopathic physician licensed in Arizona and Washington D.C. Over the last decade, he has built a multidimensional practice and career in consulting/formulating with supplement companies, university teaching, private practice, and media/writing.

Currently serving as associate faculty in the Alternative Medicine Department at Everglades University and Associate Professor of Holistic Nutrition at Hawthorn University, Dr. Wood founded his private practice Visionary Health in 2013. Prior to this, he served as a specialty physician for two leading North American supplement/medical companies for five years: Life Extension and Neuroscience. During this time, he consulted with several thousand patients, specializing in the areas of integrative oncology and adrenal fatigue/hormone balancing.

Dr. Wood is the author of several books including the
Adrenal Fatigue Solution, Scientific Fat Loss, and Longevity Secrets (through Primal Labs in Texas) with a fourth due later this year called the Ultimate Guide to Keto and a fifth through Anirva on skin care from the inside out.

Dr. Wood has been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox, The CW and other North American TV networks discussing supplements, food, and sugar. This year he will be featured in a new documentary being released internationally entitled 'Food, Health, and You', and he has upcoming appearances on national major network syndicates discussing skin care from the inside out in anticipation of launching a joint new venture company with his business partner: