▷ 5 Amazing DIY ACV Foot Soaking Recipes

5 Amazing DIY ACV Foot Soaking Recipes

ACV soaks for feet

Living in Denver, it's impossible not to notice how arid and elevated we are. I felt it in my creaking bones as soon as I moved here in 2015 – and I'm only 27! When I wake up in the morning, my feet ache as soon as they hit the floor, and they often hurt all day – and I'm not even getting into the misery of dry skin!

And lately, I've been absolutely *obsessed* with apple cider vinegar with the mother these days – I use it as a skin toner and in my water daily. And it seriously has worked miracles. My skin has never been so clear! So recently, I started researching foot soaks with apple cider vinegar. I mean, if it works miracles with my face – and any skin irritation that crops up – could it mend my aching muscles and cracked feet?

I searched the internet high and low and uncovered a wealth of anecdotal evidence supporting the benefits of apple cider vinegar soaks. While I can't speak to any scientific backing or debunking of these claims – not a peep on research being done in any direction – I can attest to the way my skin looks and my digestion feels.

And I found several great foot soaks for a home spa day. Here are a few nourishing soaks I've gathered from around the web!

1) Wellness Mama's Detoxifying Foot Soak

Wellness Mama's blog is really the best. She's got a recipe, a fix, or a DIY project for just about everything – I used her tooth powder for years – so naturally I pounced on the link for Wellness Mama's spin on an apple cider vinegar foot soak.

And she didn't let me down. Her foot soak is unique in that it includes bentonite clay, which has been said to help draw out toxins and heavy metals from your body. While I can't speak to the literature behind it, it does sound like a great way to soften your feet at the very least. Hey, it can't hurt! The addition of essential oils makes this soak a relaxing choice for finishing up a long day.

2) Epsom Salt Foot Bath

I have a case of plantar fasciitis. Personally, when my feet first hit the floor in the mornings, it's agony. Most of the time, I limp until my feet have warmed up enough for the day – although sometimes I'm hobbling all day. And in my search, I found this relaxing foot bath from the Health and Love Page that's intended especially for aching feet and sore muscles.

How is it different from other soaks? Thanks to the addition of epsom salt. The salt's high concentration of magnesium is believed to alleviate swelling, sore muscles, and pain. Putting it into a hot bath with apple cider vinegar helps your muscles loosen up, leaving your feet relaxed and supple. Sign me up!

3) Athlete's Foot Soak

Oh, Athlete's Foot – something many people are reluctant to talk about, but bothers a lot of people. Most often, people use a variety of chemical-laden lotions and creams to help sufferers get rid of it. But what if you want to skip all the weird stuff, and fix it naturally? Reader's Digest to the rescue.

They have a recipe for a potent, effective soak that looks like it'll do just the trick. There's something about the blend of apple cider vinegar and Himalayan salt that creates an environment that the fungus is unable to survive in. I'm torn between feeling like that's really gross and really cool.

4) Soak for Stinky Toes

Hey, it happens. Our feet can't always smell like roses. For the majority of us, a good scrub will do the trick, but some people's foot odor is distinctively persistent. While not a health problem, it can be embarrassing and frustrating to deal with stinky feet all day.

If that sounds like you, then you may benefit from an apple cider vinegar foot soak as well! Over at The Hearty Soul, whose name I sincerely hope is a pun for all foot-related topics, they have a recipe for a soak that combats stinky tootsies. The secret ingredient? Thyme essential oil, which is apparently a wonderful odor neutralizer. Who'd have thought?

5) Soothing Soak for Smooth Feet

What if your feet are fine – not too stinky, no fungus, no pain – just cracked and dry? Apple cider vinegar, once again, to the rescue! DIY Remedies has a simple soak to help you achieve smooth feet that you're proud to show off in a pair of sandals. And it only calls for two ingredients: apple cider vinegar and hot water. The only other thing you need to have? A pumice stone or rough scrub brush.

With all these soaks, it's vital that they be done with apple cider vinegar that has "the mother" in it to get the full benefit out of these soaks. Keep in mind as well that essential oils are a great way to personalize any of these nourishing soaks.

Have you tried any apple cider vinegar soaks? How did they go for you! Let us know in the comments below!

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