▷ 7 Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar Teas, Drinks & Tonics (2024 Update)

7 Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar Teas, Drinks & Tonics

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We did it everyone. Spring has finally arrived! Through frigid nights in my little camper – I'm looking at you, Denver – it seemed like it would be frozen outside forever! My whole winter diet seemed to revolve around soups, chocolate, and whiskey – a never-ending parade of dense, filling foods to keep me cozy under my sweaters and fleece-lined leggings.

And now with this glorious warm weather moving in, I sure feel it all weighing me down.

Thankfully, every year like clockwork, I rediscover my favorite spring routine: starting my morning with a shot of apple cider vinegar. It's easy to find, inexpensive, and one of the best ways to cleanse, invigorate, and detoxify your body after a sluggish winter.

I always find myself energized and glowing (at least I'd like to think so) after I fall back in love with the tang of apple cider vinegar in the morning. 

If you're like me and the winter has left you feeling bogged down, and you're ready to greet spring with a lighter pep in your step, give it a try! Here are some of the tastiest apple cider vinegar drinks from across the web to invigorate your day.

1. Dr. Axe's Secret Detox Drink

Let’s kick it off with this one, specifically for an intense detox – because I’m sure we could all use a cleanse after the long winter. It’s meant for drinking multiple times a day for two weeks, before simplifying to a daily morning drink.

I like this one because it looks exceptionally tasty. I’m all about the blend of lemon juice, cinnamon, and raw honey. What a warming way to start the day – like a hot toddy, but much healthier!

2. Iced Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink

But now that it's warming up outside, shouldn't we be looking for things that are a little cooler? Like this gem on ice. Since apple cider vinegar is at its best for us when it has the mother – all the little strands of probiotics floating around inside it – it's critical that it doesn't get too heated.

An iced drink like this is a good solution if you aren't quite sure just how hot is too hot for the probiotics in apple cider vinegar. Plus, it looks so crisp and refreshing. Sign me up!

3. Veggie Primer's Tonic

However, if you're like me and seldom eat honey, this one may be more up your alley. I’m in love with the combo of ginger and maple syrup (honestly, who isn't?). That hearty scoop of ginger really perks up the whole thing, and more than a little curious about blending it all up in a blender.

Those pictures look like slightly frothy heaven, not to mention a great way to boost your immune system and metabolism during times when your body is screaming for it!

4. Trial and Eater's Morning Turmeric Detox Drink

Speaking of immune-boosters, how about this drink with turmeric? Now we're getting to the good stuff. When it comes to boosting your metabolism, immunity, and energy, it's pretty hard to beat that dazzling duo of turmeric and apple cider vinegar to kickstart your day.

The maple syrup in it is a dream too. Not only is it delicious, but it also has been linked to heart health and a peak immune system.

5. Rasa Malaysia's Detox Tea

This one has a little twist on the others that I'm excited to try: green tea. I honestly love some morning caffeine, but as much as I love coffee, it’s a prime example of *too* much of a good thing. This green tea morning alternative looks like a real treat. Apple cider vinegar, divinely earthy turmeric, and a sweetener all working in harmony with a detoxifying green tea to give your metabolism and energy the boost you deserve.

6. The Fitnessista's Morning Detox

This one. Wow. It covers all the bases of what an ideal morning detox drink ought to be. While some of the ingredients sound a little more eyebrow-raising for the morning detox inductee, each ingredient serves an essential function in maximizing the benefits of the apple cider vinegar and turmeric.

Many studies have linked turmeric's bioavailability (how well it's absorbed into our bodies) to the presence of black pepper, and several others have cited the addition of fats – hence the olive oil.

7. Pure and Simple

Apple cider vinegar in jar, glass and fresh apple, healthy drink

But what if you’re in a hurry? These drinks sound incredible, but sometimes, eyes half-shut in the morning while shuffling into the kitchen, I don't have the energy to make a knockout apple cider vinegar drink before rushing off to the morning commute. Instead I have a very simple recipe for a detoxing, metabolism-boosting morning shot – what it lacks in taste, it compensates for with simplicity.

I take a small cup, pour about a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in, a teaspoon of turmeric, a few cranks of black pepper, and just enough water to make it potable, and then shoot it straight back.

The burn has become something I welcome, and I figure if I can drink whiskey in the evening, I can certainly take a shot of apple cider vinegar to amplify my mornings, cleanse my body, and help me take full advantage of my day!

With all of these great recipes that include honey, it’s important that, to have the greatest impact, the honey be raw, local honey, ideally from beekeepers who work ethically alongside their bee populations to keep them thriving.

Which of these recipes sounds like the one you’ll add to your morning routine?

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