▷ Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Stories

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Stories

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Stories

I'm not a huge fan of weight loss tips and tricks. I try live by the idea that every body is a good body, and I'm a big fan of the rules that circle the internet each spring for that perfect beach bod:
1) put on a bikini
2) go to the beach

Needless to say, I never thought I'd be writing about diets. Truth be told, diet culture makes me very wary on principle. The idea that someone's body would look better if they crammed it into a certain mold made by America's Beauty Test Kitchen has never sat well with me. But when I had a hysterectomy last year, my body fundamentally changed.

As someone who's still under 30, to call the overnight changes I've encountered jarring is an understatement. My skin became drier but clearer. I get hot flashes and night sweats. My appetite shrank. I gained ten pounds. Suddenly, I was a menopausal loner in a shoulder-to-shoulder party of fit, young bodies when I went out on the weekends. I lost that zing in my step, and my self-confidence was (and is) shot by my weight gain.

Through all these changes, I've learned that it isn't necessarily wrong to want to boost your metabolism or lose a few pounds when approached with a positive mentality geared toward self-love. As long as it doesn't usurp your joy and overtake your life, you gotta do you.

Our bodies are beautifully, magically nuanced, and as I get to know this new body and slower metabolism of mine, I am starting to understand the drive to find something healthy to get your body to turn the corner you've been wanting it to.

And, being a fan of apple cider vinegar for literally everything – my skin has been glowing since I made an apple cider vinegar-based toner a week ago – I started reading up on people who have used apple cider vinegar as part of their weight-loss/metabolism-boosting routine. The best of the best are on YouTube. Here are a few stellar folks I've found who have achieved their goals by incorporating apple cider vinegar into a healthy lifestyle.

4) Rapid, Healthy Weight Loss

Jordan of the Jordan Jordan Show says that he lost an impressive 60 pounds using apple cider vinegar and dietary changes. In his video, he shares his journey, including that he lost 14 pounds in his first two weeks. It's always so inspiring to see people shifting their entire lifestyle. He goes beyond a yo-yo/speed diet, and encourages healthy dietary and lifestyle changes to see lasting, healthful results. He added that with healthy eating and taking apple cider vinegar daily, he didn't need to exercise that heavily to still achieve the results he was looking for. Way to go!

3) Remarkable Change in Just a Week

In another rapid-fire success story, Samantha Gomez shared this video about her weight loss and energy-boosting success with us on her YouTube channel earlier this month. After just a week of drinking an apple cider vinegar tonic twice a day, she seemed full of vitality and optimism. Moreover, she already noticed significant changes to her bloating and her measurements. She looks great, and her tips for making the drink tastier were a total hit! I'm so inspired and invigorated!

2) JustTaylorThings Post-Vacation Bounce-back

On her YouTube channel, Taylor shared with us her success using apple cider vinegar for just one week to help boost her metabolism after coming back from vacation in this video. She looks wonderful in her before photos, but seeing her bubbling with energy in the after video, paired with the stark difference in weight and how quickly she achieved her fitness goals, is inspiring! She did it so fast! What are we waiting for?

1) BrixFitness's Total Transformation

Ok. I saved the best for last. This man's YouTube channel is beyond inspiring. If you check out this video, he details his entire health transformation. He has dedicated his life to wellness and fitness, and boy, does it show. At the beginning of this year, he posted a video about apple cider vinegar and its myriad uses, including to boost weight loss. He goes on to shout out to all the other perks you get from drinking apple cider vinegar daily – regulated blood sugar levels, increased circulation, clear skin, balanced pH, feeling full. With this kind of list, why wouldn't we start taking a shot of it morning and night? I'm ready to go!

When we're going through our own journey and watching these videos as inspiration, it's important to acknowledge that each of these bloggers looks great in their "before" photos as well as their "after" ones. The most beautiful thing is seeing their self-confidence and brimming energy arising from their bodily changes.

The right weight is different for all of us. Always remember that if you're eating healthy, drinking plenty of water (and apple cider vinegar), and living a wholesome life, your body will get to the weight it needs to be. My healthiest weight is probably not the same as yours, and there is no dream standard for us all.

However, it doesn't mean we can't work toward our own ideal shape for our personal health! So get out there, get some apple cider vinegar, and incorporate it into your tailored wellness journey!

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Nikita Andester is a Denver-based writer and graduate student of creative nonfiction. She lives full time in her camper, where she writes and whips up wholesome, plant-based meals. Her creative work can be found on Wild Musette and Loam Magazine.

Sheryl Bergstrom - April 6, 2018

Great article and its impressive how apple cider vinegar has so many impressive health benefits and how it will help to lose weight.Thumbs up to your blog

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