▷ Best 5 Foods to Slim Down

Best 5 Foods to Slim Down

By Annie Lizstan / February 1, 2016
Best 5 Foods to Slim Down

Americans spent approximately thirty billion a year on slim-down products in vain. New research highly states that, there are more than a thousand foods fighting hunger, boosting metabolism, and ultimately helping lose weight. Thereby, grocery shopping is the best for a person to do, to slim down. Small amounts of healthy fats induced food, helps one to feel full for long and ease absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Overtime, science has proved that eating more fats cannot make any person fat. However, picking the right amount of fats is one of the unique tricks for losing weight. Here are the best 5 foods to slim down:

1. Beans

Probably one may not have heard of cholecystokinin. It is one of the best foods that help in weight loss. The digestive hormone cholecystokinin found in beans is a natural appetite suppressant. Research done at the University of California, at Davis, suggests that you can obtain this hormone from your diet by ensuring that you consume large amounts of beans, especially in their unprocessed form. Beans also keep sugar at on an even keep, thence resisting hunger for long.

2. White Potatoes

They are high tamers that greatly help slim down. These potatoes are not only filling and satisfying, but they are also best for your health. On consuming the white potatoes, one eats less throughout the day. On the other hand, it is a good source of potassium, vitamin C and belly- filling fiber. In an Australian study conducted to measure the satiation index of foods, researchers discovered potatoes not only satisfy and fill the stomach, but also did well when it came to the general health of the participants. As a result, they ate less during the days they were on the potato diet.

3. Lean Beef

The amino acid leucine is abundantly found in proteins, such as, meat, fish and dairy products. Foods that contain this amino acid are renowned to be effective in promoting weight loss. Beef contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of heart disease. Lean beef also has fewer calories. High quality protein is found on lean meat, such as, pork and seafood. Protein is essential in the structure and regulation of body tissues and organs. Regarding weight loss, protein is more satisfying and increases the thermogenic capabilities in the body. This simply means that the ability to burn calories improves.

4. Green Tea

Slimming ingredient in green tea could not be caffeine. This is because, antioxidants known as catechins are what aids in burning of fats and speeding metabolism. A recent study conducted in Japan shows that 35 men who drink a bottle of oolong tea combined with green tea catechins lost more weight than those who didn’t. Their metabolic rates were also found to be higher. Most notably, they exhibited a significant reduction on body mass index (BMI).

Foods to Slim You Down

5. Fruits for food

a) Pears

They are recognized for their high fiber content. They are also great in filling a person up. They contain pectin fiber, which decreases blood sugar levels thereby aiding one to avoid in between meals during the day. A Brazilian study found that overweight women who ate three small pears a day lost more weight as compared to women who took the same diet but ate three oat cookies a day, instead of fruits.

b) Coconut oil

Coconut oil has more saturated fats than any of the other cooking fats. This kind of fat has little effect on cholesterol levels. It converts energy easily as compared to other fats. Therefore, it helps in lose weight naturally. Saturated fats contain lauric acid. This is a unique lipid that battles bacteria and improves cholesterol levels. In addition, dietary use of coconut oil reduces abdominal obesity.

C) Avocado

Essentially, it is termed as a natural butter. It is rich, creamy and naturally acceptable food to eat on its own. The fruit packs health monounsaturated fats that contain oleic acid, which reduces feeling of hunger. In addition, it supplies protein and fiber, which all aid in weight loss.


Protein is important in building of lean muscles. Protein could be the best weapon to fight fats since it is tougher to break down compared to carbohydrates or fat. The body works extra hard to process protein. Hence, burning calories and boosting the metabolic rate. In addition, protein takes longer to leave the stomach, keeping a person feel satisfied for long. Contrary to the bright side of consuming proteins, the dark side is that it can lead to weight gain when taken in large quantities. High protein diets have side effects that involve nutritional deficiencies, constipation and headache. Heart disease and kidney failure are some of the long term side effects.

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