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Best Amino Acid Supplements

Reviewed by María Torres, M.D. on Oct 10, 2019
Written by Sabrina Wilson
Best Amino Acid Supplements

In the wonderful world of supplements, protein typically stands above them all. Coming in various forms, it is hands down the most commonly used supplement in existence, frequently used to promote muscle growth and fat loss. But it isn’t the only supplement that can have a huge impact on the way look.

In fact, while supplements like whey protein isolate and casein are effective, they aren’t necessarily our best option – which is exactly where Amino Acids enter the discussion.

What Are Amino Acids?

You see, protein molecules are made from long chains of amino acids joined together. Some of these Amino acids can be made within the body by specific cells, while others must be obtained through the food we eat.

Those that can’t be made within the body are known as essential amino acids, or indispensable, the classification as essential or nonessential does not actually reflect their importance as all 20 amino acids are necessary for human health – ultimately due to the fact that it is essential, they enter the body through our diet and cannot be produced by the body.

These specific amino acids are often considered the building blocks of the human body, as they play a vast multitude of roles throughout each of the cellular systems. From a somewhat more functional perspective, they are responsible for building and repairing the body’s tissues, maintaining optimal immune system function, and ensuring normal hormone production.

With all this in mind, they are obviously incredibly important.

Interestingly, in conjunction with ensuring their intake through the food we eat, their supplementation has also been shown to impact the body in a number of positive ways.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Amino Acids?

As amino acids play so many important roles throughout the body, their supplementation has been shown to have huge impact across a number of the body’s systems. This has been shown to improve various aspects of both health and performance, making them an excellent addition to the diet.

Amino Acid Supplementation and Muscle Tissue

Considering that the cells of our muscle tissue are literally made from these amino acids, it should stand to reason that they play a number of important roles when it comes to their growth and repair – something that has been shown time and time again within the scientific literature.