▷ Best Clothing for Meditation (2019 Update)

Best Clothing for Meditation

Written by Dave Michaelson and updated on November 18, 2017
Best Clothing for Meditation

If you turn to meditation to maintain your mindful existence, you have probably run into wardrobe malfunctions that distract you from the centering and grounding experience that meditation offers.

Your meditation clothing is an important consideration to keep you focused and comfortable. Here are our top choices for clothing for meditation.


Best for


Short term use

Beginners who don’t want to spend a lot

Active people outside meditation

Shorter people

Overall meditation use

Is There Specific Meditation Clothing?

The short answer is meditation clothing is whatever you make it. But you don’t need traditional Buddhist meditation robes to have an empowering and relaxing meditation experience. Meditation clothing can include loose-fitting pants and shirts, robes or draping clothing, or even regular athletic wear.

What to Look for in Meditation Clothing

The challenge lies in finding quality garments that don’t restrict your movement or focus on fashion first. Fit and breathability are priorities, while eye-catching prints and styles are secondary.

Still, your meditation wear should be clothing that you enjoy wearing, so that you aren’t distracted by colors or patterns that detract from meditation as a relaxing inner experience. 


Odds are you don’t plan to meditate standing up or lying down, but rather in a seated position. Forget your favorite pair of jeans that are only comfortable when you’re vertical. You need relaxed fabric pants and tops that allow your limbs to move freely and let you breathe deeply.


Cotton is the best choice for breathable fabric that’s also closest to nature, but many artificial fabrics also have moisture wicking properties that keep you cool.


A loose fit will work best for moving around in a seated position, but it’s also important to size your clothing correctly to avoid sagging or extra fabric dragging when you move.


According to color psychology, “cool” colors like blue, purple, and green feel calming to many people (VeryWell). Still, choosing clothing in your favorite color or a pattern that’s pleasing to your eye will benefit your meditation session more than the latest research will.

Advantages to Meditation Clothing

Because meditation is an intensely personal experience, it’s possible that the clothing you wear will not affect your mental movements. But for many people, rough fabric, loose threads, and restrictive clothing can impede their meditation work.

An advantage to wearing meditation-specific clothing is that you’re choosing clothing that accommodates your specific activity. When you put on these clothes, you’re sending a message to your subconscious that it’s time for serious inner work.

While putting on your favorite jeans might send their own message, your meditation clothing refocuses your concentration and gets you in the right mental space to relax and breathe.


Best for


Short term use