▷ Choosing the Best DHA Supplement (2024 Update)

Choosing the Best DHA Supplement

Best DHA Supplement

The term ‘Supplement’ is in itself extremely broad, in which it covers a vast array of compounds, with an incredible number of unique and different applications.

Supplements effectively describe something that can be added to the diet to cause a desired effect.

This something can come in the form of a completely natural herb or spice, a synthetically derived compound, or something that sits in between the two – a specific compound extracted from a unique naturally occurring product.

And that’s right where DHA comes in.

What is DHA?

DHA (also known as Docosahexaenoic Acid – DHA for short) is a specific type of omega 3 fatty acid.

Found naturally occurring in certain fish (with emphasis on mackerel, salmon, herrings, and sardines), it has been shown to be one of the most potent health boosters on the entire planet.

DHA is what is known as a ‘Long-Chain Omega 3 Fatty Acid’, as it is 22 carbons long, and has 6 double bonds (making it physically long in structure compared to other fatty acid molecules).

This particular Omega 3 is one of the most abundant is the body, and is a key component in every single one of the body’s cells, while also playing a roles as a key structural component of our skin, eyes, and brain.

Within our cells, DHA is for the most part located within our cellular membranes, where it aids in the transfer of electrical impulses between the various cells of the body (which we should note, is their primary means of communication).

Additionally, DHA has been shown to make up over 90% of the omega 3 fatty acids found within the brain, further suggesting its importance in regards to neural function and nervous tissue health.

Interestingly, DHA has also been shown to exhibit potent anti-inflammatory effects within the body, where it can reduce inflammation at both a systemic and cellular level [1].

What Are the Benefits of Taking Dha?

Through the above mechanisms, the supplementation of DHA has been shown to have profound effects on health and wellbeing. Due to its somewhat broad influence throughout the body, these effects impact a number of physiological systems, boosting health in a number of different areas.

DHA Supplementation and Brain Health

As DHA is a major constituent of our brain tissue, it stands to reason that its consumption has the potential to impact our brain health – something that has been well supported within the scientific literature time and time again.

The consumption of DHA has been shown to protect against age related declines in brain health, brain size, and associated reductions in neural function. With this has come an increased performance during cognitively driven tasks, in conjunction with improved memory, and an improved capacity for learning.

Moreover, DHA supplementation has also been shown to have a preventative effect on both dementia and age related cognitive decline, ensuring our mental function well into older age, while significantly reducing our risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s [2].

DHA Supplementation and Eye Health

In a similar fashion to our neural tissue, DHA is also an integral component of the cells and tissue that make up our eyes – with specific emphasis on a key structure known as Rhodopsin.

Rhodopsin is a membrane protein found within the rods of the eye, where it is known to help your brain receive images from the eyes, by changing the eyes physical properties in response to specific pieces of visual information.

Taking this into consideration, Rhodopsin deficiency has been shown to lead to visual impairment and vision loss, which can become irreparable as we enter old age.

With this in mind, the supplementation of DHA can improve eye health, while also protecting against declines in visual acuity, ensuring our vision is maintained well into older age [3].

DHA Supplementation and Heart Health

As previously discussed, DHA has the potential to improve the state of the body’s cells, while simultaneously reducing harmful inflammation throughout the entire body.

Through these two mechanisms, the supplementation of DHA can cause significant reductions in blood triglycerides, blood pressure, and ‘bad’ blood cholesterol (LDL cholesterol), all while improving endothelial function in its entirety.

As a result, the consumption of DHA can greatly improve our cardiovascular health and function, significantly reducing our risk of developing heart disease and diabetes [1, 4].

Best DHA Supplement Reviews

With the popularity of DHA increasing, the market has become flushed with less than optimal options. With this in mind, we have gone ahead and found what we believe to be the best three DHA supplements available on the market at the moment.

This particular option by Nordic Naturals is one of the most popular DHA supplements available on the market, in which it provides is with a potent dosage of high quality DHA and an excellent degree of bioavailability.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, Lemon Flavor - 90 Soft Gels - 1280 mg Omega-3 - High-Potency Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement with EPA & DHA - Promotes Brain & Heart Health - Non-GMO - 45 Servings

As an added bonus, this option also includes EPA in its formula – another omega 3 fatty acid that has a host of known health benefits. This makes it one of the most effective options on the market.

Nature’s Way have long been producing excellent quality supplements at extremely affordable price points – and their DHA capsule is no different.

Nature's Way Mega-DHA Premium Fish Oil, Supports Eye and Brain Health*, Omega-3, 60 Softgels

This offers us with one of the most potent options on the market, providing a whopping 1000mg of DHA per serve. As an added bonus, this is also one of the more affordable options on the market, making it perfect for those individuals on a budget.

We have long been big supporters of NOW, a company that have built a good reputation for producing high quality products on a very consistent basis.

NOW Supplements, DHA-500 with 250 EPA, Molecularly Distilled, Supports Brain Health*, 180 Softgels

This high quality supplement provides us with a solid 500mg of DHA per serve, while also including 250mg of EPA. As a result, this offers us with an excellent option that can boost health quickly and effectively.

Take-Away Message

DHA is one of the most important compounds within the entire body, where it is used to make the cell membranes of literally every cell in the body, while also acting as a key structural component for tissues found in the brain, eyes, and skin.

With this in mind, its supplementation can improve brain health, increase cardiovascular function, and cause significant improvement in eye health and function – making it one of the most efficient and effective supplements on the planet.

The three supplements listed in this article are what we believe to be the best currently available – if you have had any experience with them, we would love to hear about it, so please drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.


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