▷ What Is Ferrous Gluconate & How Do I Use It? (2024 Update)

Ferrous Gluconate (Iron) Capsules: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

The body truly is an incredible piece of machinery.

The fact that it has the ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from the food you eat in the first place seems pretty unreal. And then the fact that it uses these tiny little compounds to sustain thousands of physiological processes to maintain health and function?

Pretty unbelievable if you ask me.

Now it’s important to note that as a key part of this process, the body actually needs regular access to these key nutrients to maintain health and function – and a deficiency in any one of these nutrients will present as a rapid decline in health.

Which is why their supplementation can be so very important.

Interestingly, there is also some recent evidence to suggest that supplementing with some of these key nutrients can not only sustain normal health, but also cause measurable increases in function and stave off certain diseases and illnesses.

And that’s exactly where Ferrous Gluconate enters the equation.

What is Ferrous Gluconate?

In the simplest terms, ferrous gluconate is actually a specific type of iron supplement.

Iron is an essential mineral that plays a number of unique and important roles within the human body – one of which includes transporting the oxygen in the haemoglobin of red blood cells to the many body tissues, where it can then be used energy production.

With this in mind, its consumption is absolutely integral to both normal energy production and the maintenance of normal health.

Ferrous gluconate offers an excellent method of supplementing with the mineral iron, as it is very easily absorbed into the body. This means that it is an extremely effective means to increase iron intake via the consumption of a single capsule.

What are the Benefits of Ferrous Gluconate?

Given the fact that iron is one of the most important minerals within the entire body, it stands to reason that its supplementation can have a very positive effect on health and function.

Does Ferrous Gluconate Help With Anemia?

In the body, iron can bind with a compound known as porphyrin, in which it creates our key ‘heme’ proteins haemoglobin and myoglobin. These two compounds are responsible for transporting oxygen around the body, while haemoglobin also makes up a very large portion of our red blood cells.

Without enough red blood cells, we begin to suffer from Anemia – a disease that results in a huge decline in general health and function, reductions in immunity, and extreme fatigue. But, through its ability to increase red blood cell production and improve blood health, ferrous gluconate offers an excellent way to help treat and prevent anemia.

Does Ferrous Gluconate Help Improve Cardiovascular Health?

Building on the previous point, there also appears to be an association between low iron intakes and an increased incidence of cardiovascular disease. This is highly likely due to irons ability to increase blood cell health and function.

As a result, the regular supplementation of ferrous gluconate also appears to offer an excellent way of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and illness, while causing general improvements in cardiovascular health.

Does Ferrous Gluconate Help With Depression?

Interestingly, in conjunction with its apparent impact on certain aspects of cardiovascular health, it also appears that ferrous gluconate can have a positive impact on depression. You see, there has been an identified link between low iron intake and increased incidence of anxiety and depression, combined with a general reduction in mood.

This suggests that supplementing with ferrous gluconate may not only reduce your likelihood of suffering from a mental illness, but also act as a potential means of treatment (to be used synergistically with more traditional treatment methods).

Does Ferrous Gluconate Help With Pregnancy?

And finally, with the above, ferrous gluconate supplementation may also have a positive impact during pregnancy. You see, your body uses more iron than normal to make extra blood cells for you and your baby during pregnancy. This is also integral to facilitating the movement of oxygen to the babies developing tissues.

As a result, ferrous gluconate can help facilitate this process.

Best Ferrous Gluconate Product Reviews

There are some serious benefits associated with the supplementation of Ferrous Gluconate. With this in mind, we wanted to provide you with some great options that you can start to use immediately.

Our first option by Natures Blend is an absolutely excellent choice. Not only is it very affordable, but it also provides a potent dosage of 324mg per serve.

Nature`s Blend Ferrous Gluconate Tablets 324 mg, 100 Count (Pack of 2)

This makes it one of the most cost-effective and efficient options on the market.

This great product by Paddock Laboratories has quickly become of the most popular options on the market at the moment.

PADDOCK LABORATORIES Ferrous Gluconate Tablets, 324mg, 100 Count

Providing another potent dosage of 324mg of high quality ferrous gluconate per serve, it’s a great choice.

Mason Natural are quickly becoming one of the premier nutritional supplement companies around, due to their high quality products and excellent production processes – and their ferrous gluconate supplement is the perfect example of this.

Mason Natural Ferrous Gluconate - Supports Red Blood Cell Formation, Gentle on Stomach Iron Supplement, 100 Tablets

This is a great choice.

Does Ferrous Gluconate have any Side Effects?

Now, it is very important to note that while iron supplementation can offer us with some rather important health benefits, it is entirely possible to have too much iron.

You see, excess iron results in the accumulation of that iron within your vital organs (specifically the heart, liver, pancreas, and endocrine glands). This causes the formation of harmful free radicals in the body –which in turn damage proteins, DNA, cell membranes, and can even lead to cell death.

Left untreated, this can cause huge increases in your risk of liver disease, cancer, sexual dysfunction, arthritis, cardiovascular dysfunction, eye diseases, diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, and even premature death.

So, with this in mind, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a health professional before starting to supplement with ferrous gluconate, and cease supplementation immediately if you experience any side effects.


Ferrous gluconate is one of the most effective forms of iron supplementation, in which it offers an excellent method of easily and efficiently increasing iron intake. This has the potential to reduce the risk of developing anemia, cardiovascular disease, and mental health disorders, and can also increase health during pregnancy.

Talk about an important compound.

As previously mentioned, as excess iron intake can lead to a host of negative health effects we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a health professional before starting to supplement with ferrous gluconate. Within this, we also suggest that you cease supplementation immediately if you experience any side effects.

As always, if you have had any experience with ferrous gluconate then we would love to hear about it – so drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.


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