▷ How to Choose the Best Grounding/Earthing Sheets (2024 Update)

How to Choose the Best Grounding Sheets (Earthing Sheets)

Best Grounding Sheets

If you frequently earth or ground yourself, you are well aware of the health benefits of doing so. If you have never earthed before, it’s time to get started!

There are a number of ways you can achieve the effects of earthing, from standing outside barefoot to using an indoor earthing mat. But one of the most effective ways to do so is by using an earthing sheet or grounding sheets.

What Can Grounding Sheets Do For Your Health?

Grounding sheets can help your body reset itself as you sleep. The earth carries a naturally negative charge, while our bodies accumulate a positive charge over time. Earthing refers to the process of connecting with the earth to balance the positive charge in our bodies.

The Research: Chronic Inflammation, Free Radicals and Your Health

As you move throughout the day, your body builds up a slight positive charge. The earth itself has a slight negative charge that creates a balance. Coming into direct contact with the earth transfers electrons to your body, balancing out the charge in your body. 

Electrons neutralize free radicals. A free radical can be defined as any molecular species capable of independent existence that contains an unpaired electron in an atomic orbital. Many radicals are unstable and highly reactive. They can either donate an electron to or accept an electron from other molecules.

Oxidative stress arises as a result of an imbalance between free radical production and antioxidant defenses, and is associated with damage to a wide range of molecular species including lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. An excess of oxidative stress can lead to the oxidation of lipids and proteins, which is associated with changes in their structure and functions.

Oxidative stress can create chronic inflammation, illness and immune diseases have all increased dramatically in recent decades as humans have become more detached from direct contact with the earth. 

Earthing to fight chronic inflammation

Key Research Findings

Studies have shown that grounding helps improve your blood’s zeta potential and the energy transfer between red blood cells. Studies have shown that this process begins after being grounded for 80 minutes, which is easiest to achieve by using earthing sheets.

Further studies from the Journal of Environmental and Public Health suggests that the Earth’s negative charge can lead to a stable internal bioelectrical environment. The study also indicated that grounding could help reset the body’s biological clocks regulating diurnal body rhythms, including cortisol secretion. Simply put, grounding and sleeping go hand-in-hand.

Another study indicated that 11 out of 12 people studied fell asleep faster when grounded. Over 75% of participants woke up more refreshed and had more energy, in addition to having less anxiety, depression, irritability, and emotional stress.

An extensive summary of the research on earthing found evidence that earthing may have a variety of positive effects:

  1. Reduces time to fall asleep
  2. Increases quality of sleep
  3. Reduces chronic pain
  4. Decreases morning fatigue
  5. Increases energy level during the day
  6. Reduces stress levels
  7. Reduces inflammatory response
  8. Increased immune response
  9. Improves glucose regulation
  10. Reduces primary indicators of osteoporosis

That's an incredible list of science-backed benefits, all just from contact with the earth! 

Grounding Sheets: The Simple Way to Ground Yourself

There is no need to make a conscious effort to walk outside without your shoes on. All you have to do is simply fall asleep as you normally do. Odds are, you’ll wake up feeling better than you ever have before.

Why Choose Fitted Earthing Sheets?

There are several types of earthing sheets to choose from on the market today. You can get earthing pillow cases, half sheets, flat sheets and more. Our top recommendation is to use a fitted earthing sheet and here are the reasons why:

  1. Fitted sheets stay put - In our testing, other sheet types, especially half-sheets, tend to end up as a wad at the bottom of the bed. They don't stay in place and in contact with you.
  2. They are always in contact with you during the night - Even larger flat sheets can get thrown off you or wadded up over night, the fitted sheet is always in contact.
  3. They aren't visible when the bed is made - This is just aesthetic, but when the bed is made you can't see the fitted sheet. Often it won't exactly match the color of your other sheets so this is preferable. 
Grounding for wellness and better sleep

Will the Effects of Grounding Be Immediate?

According to Earthing.com, you may feel different when you first start sleeping with grounding sheets. Some users experience signs, pains, and aches typically associated with the flu. However, in most cases this discomfort is temporary. It’s believed that these symptoms are associated with your body resetting its electrical system.

Over time, those who use grounding sheets find that they are getting a better night’s sleep, and are waking up more energized. If you experience pain when you first start sleeping on grounding sheets, take the sheets off and sleep without them for a few days. When you put them on again, begin with a shorter exposure. Gradually increase your exposure to the sheets until you feel more comfortable sleeping on them.

How to Use Grounding or Earthing Sheets

If you’re convinced that grounding sheets are worth a try, consider purchasing one of these products. It’s important to find grounding sheets that are effective and perform as described. After all, you’re trying to revitalize your health.

Plugging in a Grounding Cord
Grounding cord and outlet
Earthing cord plugged into outlet

It’s possible to create your own earthing sheets, but this is not recommended, especially for those new to earthing. The process can be complex and potentially dangerous if not constructed the right way, and there’s no way to ensure you’re getting the proper health benefits. Purchase your grounding sheets from a company you can trust.

How to Set Up Your Earthing Sheets

Earthing/Grounding Sheet Product Reviews

GroundLuxe Fitted Earthing Sheet

The reason I like this particular fitted sheet is that it's a 400 thread count sheet made with organic cotton. Because it's typically not eaten, cotton has a very high pesticide load so I always feel better about buying organic cotton. There are numerous options that fit that bill, but GroundLuxe is also US-based (something I was looking for), has great support and the feel of the fabric is unusually soft for a grounding sheet. 

GroundLuxe Organic Fitted Grounding Sheet in Gray for a King Size Bed

Using organic cotton with silver thread grids woven into an unusually tight pattern, this is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a grounding sheet that both maximizes effective contact and looks and feels great.

Ellectrify Grounding Fitted Sheet

At the almost ridiculously high end of the market is this sheet from Ellectrify. Not sure how much thought they gave to that brand name, but if you want maximum silver fiber content, this is your huckleberry. 

Ellectrify Grounding Fitted Sheet - 35% Pure Silver & 65% Organic Cotton - Connectivity Cable for Grounding Earthing, Sleep & Bed - Grounding for Bed & Earthing (California King)

Many of these sheets are pitched as being for the purpose of helping reduce the effects of EMFs. Maybe that's the purpose of the super high silver content. It probably occupies a very small niche, but this sheet really does max out the silver content. 

GroundingTime Fitted Sheet

This one goes the other direction, less silver content for less money. The reviews are good, but there aren't a lot of them. This one does not seem to be targeted at folks looking to reduce EMF exposure, but rather focuses on the grounding aspect.

GROUNDINGTIME Grounding Sheets King Size, Grounded Bed Sheet 5% Pure Silver Fiber Connected Earth Energy, Fitted Earth Sheets with Grounding Cord

These also only come in one color, but at the time of publication they were running a decent discount coupon on Amazon as well, making this a good value option. 

Earthing Throw Kit

If you're looking for a blanket instead of sheets, perhaps for snuggling up on the couch, there aren't too many options. But one great option is the throw kit from Clint Ober's original Earthing store.

Earthing Throw Kit, Grounding Blanket, Clint Ober's Products

It comes with a kit of useful accessories, including a copy of Clint Ober's book on the subject. Everything you need to watch some Netflix and chill while getting grounded. 

This is a great choice if you're looking for a blanket option.

The Best Earthing Sheets

Without question, if you’re looking for earthing sheets you can’t go wrong with the GroundLuxe Fitted Earthing Sheet. A fitted sheet is one of the best looking and least error prone ways to ground yourself throughout the night. The soft and high quality organic cotton seal the deal in my opinion.

Whatever you choose, if you sleep on grounded sheets, you can rest easy knowing your body is balancing itself with the earth.

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Veleka Gray - January 19, 2018

All the sheets you recommend are out of stock everywhere. Please send me a link to where I can buy the queen fitted sheets.

    Ani Bell - January 29, 2018

    Same ….can’t find sheets anywhere? only twin fitted, & who sleeps on a twin bed? except for kids? I’d love to know where to purchase these. Thanks!!

    Sabrina Wilson - April 9, 2018

    We just re-wrote this review article using grounding sheets that are currently available.

Tara Hargan - February 18, 2018

Can’t find silver mattress pad or earthing sheets….please help

Lisa Marshall - March 7, 2018

Where can I buy king, fitted earthing sheets? Out of stock everywhere

    Sabrina Wilson - April 9, 2018

    We just re-wrote this review article using grounding sheets that are available.

wiselee - August 8, 2018

Yes, The earthing bed sheets are protective and insulated. We can sleep well without any fear of electric current.

christan hummel - October 2, 2018

I was looking for organic cotton and none of the ones you recommended have that. I found some on Amazon though that do have it. See Gaia’s Remedies brand. Perhaps you could put them on your list so if others are wanting organic cotton as an option they can see these??

Kris Hawkins - May 26, 2019

What multimeter are you using to test yourself?

Lorraine - June 10, 2019

I have an adjustable king bed. The grounding sheets become untucked when the head or foot of the mattress is adjusted up. The bed takes 2 twin fitted sheets but I cannot find fitted grounding sheets 14″ deep. Any ideas? THANKS!!

Ian - August 28, 2019

Where are your sheets made? Stating, “USA based company” does not mean your products are made in the USA. Please advise. Thank you.

    Sabrina Wilson - September 24, 2019

    This is a review article, we don’t sell sheets at all.

B Healthy - January 15, 2020

The “organic” fitted sheet you are recommending is not made with organic cotton. It’s also made in China. While the description on amazon says “organic” the label doesn’t.

Is there an organic fitted sheet made in the US????

thank you,

    Sabrina Wilson - January 16, 2020

    I asked the manufacturer about this and they sent an organic certificate for the product. It is made in China but that doesn’t mean it’s not organic cotton. As best I can tell without sending it to a lab, it is organic cotton.

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