▷ How to Choose the Best Natural Face Wash (2024 Update)

How to Choose the Best Natural Face Wash

Best Natural Face Wash

The cosmetic industry is one of the largest in the world. Within this, skin care products specifically make up its most popular aspect, which should come as no surprise considering we do all have skin…

All facetiousness aside, on a day to day basis the body is subjected to small doses of various environmental chemicals and pollutants. As the skin is our first point of contact with the outside world, it also acts one of the most important aspects of the body’s defense system.

As such, skin keeps the bulk of these chemicals from entering the body in any capacity – and while this does ensure our general health is maintained – it can take a significant toll on the skin itself.

Over time, this can contribute to a substantial drop in skin quality in conjunction with an associated decline in skin health. This can further result in blemishes, and increased risk of skin disease, and even an increase in age related declines in skin quality.

But fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. By taking the time to look after our skin, we can maintain optimal skin health and reduce the toll that daily life incurs on our skin.

What Does Natural Face Wash Do?

It could be argued that face wash plays the most important role when it comes to improving skin health and protecting out skin from damage.

A good quality face wash will remove the accumulation of dirt, oil, chemicals, and unwanted debris, form the pores of the skin. This is combined with the removal of bacteria, pollutants, and dead skin cells from the skins surface.

This can reduce the inflammatory responses that occur as means to remove these compounds from the skin, leading to vastly improved skin health.

Additionally, the act of face washing with a high quality face wash can also boost the hydration levels of the skin. This can go a very long way to stop the skin from getting dry or damaged, while causing a simultaneous increase in the quality of the skin [1].

What Makes a Good Natural Face Wash?

As with all healthcare products, not all face washes are created equal.

Because the health industry is so large, many subpar products make it to our shelves without a second thought. As a result, it is important we pay close attention to the ingredients within our specific face wash product to ensure that it is actually good for our skin.

With this in mind, the first thing to look for is a skin care product that is certified as either organic or natural.

Many skincare products use chemicals that have been scientifically proven to treat certain strains of acne and skin disease, but are so potent that they can actually damage the skin.

Subsequently, the application of these chemicals can lead to a significant drop in skin health and skin quality, and may even contribute to the onset of dry skin.

With this in mind, products built around natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, or cocoa butter are undoubtedly your best bet. [2]

These products are not only act as extremely effective face washes, but they are completely natural and typically contain both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds. This makes them perfect for cleansing and hydrating the skin, whilst also reducing the likelihood of developing skin disease or infection.

To build on this further, some quality face wash products have also included specific nutrients essential to maintaining optimal skin cell function (with particular emphasis on Vitamin C) within their formula [3]. This can further aid in the maintenance of skin health.

Best Natural Face Wash Products Reviews

Taking the above into consideration, we have spent a bit of time (and a lot of trial and error…) finding those natural face wash products that offer the best options for optimal skin care.

Each of these three products are of exceptional quality, are built around natural and organic ingredients, and act as exception face washers.

Christian Moss is one of the most recognizable brands within the organic skincare scene, and they have developed a sound reputation for their high quality and effective products.

And for us, this particular face wash really reinforces their reputation.

Using organic coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil to make up its foundation, this particular face wash is exceptional at clearing the skin of harmful compounds, while also increasing hydration. This makes it an excellent choice no matter your situation. 

There are times when the simplest option is the best – which is exactly where this specific coconut oil face wash comes in.

Alaffia’s everyday face wash is comprised of almost entirely of coconut oil, with the addition of some specific trace nutrients targeting the improvement of skin quality. This results in a very effective face wash that is full of anti-bacterial properties. With this in mind, it is an excellent option for those individuals who have a history of skin disease, blemishes, or acne.

As an added bonus, the coconut oil that they use is ‘certified fair life’, meaning that it is a social and fair trade product.

Amara organics have gone for a unique blend of coconut oil, aloe vera, rosehip oil, tea tree oil, and a heap of vitamin C to make this specific face wash formula.

This results in an extremely potent face wash that is highly effective at cleansing the skin and its pores. This makes it the perfect option for those who get dry skin on a regular basis, or spend significant amounts of time in somewhat dirty work environments.

Despite its potent formula, this particular face wash is extremely gentle on the skin, ensuring the maintenance of skin health in conjunction with its significant improvements in skin quality.


A good quality face wash is the cornerstone of effective skin care. They provide a means to clear the skin of harmful chemical build-up, increase its hydration level, and protect it from daily environmental exposure to chemicals and toxins.

This makes them essential to the maintenance of healthy skin, while also protecting us from unwanted skin diseases and age related declines in skin quality.

If you have had any experience with natural skincare products we would love to hear about them, so drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.


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