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How to Choose the Best Rolling Gardener’s Seat

Written by Joseph Biggs and updated on October 7, 2017
Back ache in the garden

Do you love gardening but are tired from all the constant bending you have to do? None of us are getting any younger and sometimes working in the garden can take its toll, especially if you’re already injured or are beginning to age a little. However, don’t feel that you need to stop doing something you enjoy because it's starting to hinder your health. There are some solutions, and one of these is in the form of a rolling seat.

What is a rolling gardeners seat?

A rolling gardeners seat is pretty much as the name suggests. It’s a kind of seat that’s been specifically designed for use in the garden. It helps to prevent aching back and sore knees that people sometimes get when working in the garden without one. 

Who can benefit from one of these seats?

Pretty much anyone! While these seats have been designed with those less mobile in mind, you don't have to be old or injured to benefit from using one. Remember, prevention is always better than treatment. 

Gardening can take its toll on anyone, young or old, and a rolling garden seat can be very useful for doing most tasks at ground level such as weeding or planting seeds. However, if you have existing medical conditions and are unsure as to whether this kind of seat is suitable for you or not, please to be sure to check with your doctor first. 

Do rolling gardeners seats take much to maintain?

The level of maintenance required to maintain your rolling gardener’s seat will vary across models. As a general rule of thumb, those made of metal will require a little more work as if not done already they will need to be rust-treated to ensure they remain free of rust and corrosion while being exposed to the elements. You may also find that the wheels need oiling every now and then. Other than a quick wipe over as and when needed, there's very little more you need to do with a metal garden seat.

If you have a plastic garden rolling seat, the only real maintenance you have to be concerned with is keeping it clean. Again, simply give it a quick wipe over with a warm water and a sponge as and when needed and it will be soon be looking as good as new. 

What to consider when buying a gardening stool with wheels

If you’re new to the world of gardening and all the tools that are associated with it, or you’re simply new to the world of rolling gardeners seats, it can be a little bit daunting when actually going to buy one as you’re faced with so much choice. The following section should help you out tremendously with that as here, we’ll run through all the main things to consider when purchasing a gardening stool with wheels:


This is probably the most important factor to consider when buying a rolling gardeners seat. The last thing you want is something that’s going to get stuck in the mud the first time you use it. To try and avoid this from happening look for a model that has durable wheels. You’re going to go over various types of terrain while working in the garden, so you need wheels that are heavy-duty and have a good weight capacity.

Another thing you want to bear in mind that while you want a rolling garden seat that’s easy to maneuver, you don’t want something that’s going to slip about every time you lean left or right. A stopper or wheel lock may help with this, but whenever possible, you should always try a few models out before you buy, just to ensure it’s comfortable and works for you.   


When it comes to rolling gardener’s seats there are two main types. The first type are those that have an open design and look kind of like a small tractor. These models usually have swivel or adjustable seats, a rear basket, and a steering axle.

Rolling seats that are enclosed have a small compartment underneath the seat and look more like a kind of rolling cart. The downside to this type is there’s no way to adjust the seat.


As briefly mentioned above, you need to ensure that the rolling seat you purchase has adequate storage space for any tools, gloves, or refreshments you’ll need while out gardening. If you plan on taking quite a few items out with you just make sure that as well as having adequate space to put your tools, the garden scooter can handle the extra weight also.  


Before you make your purchase you should consider where you will most likely be using your rolling seat as this will help determine the size that’s most suitable. If you have a small garden or need to get into tight spaces, you should opt for a model that’s narrow in width.


If you’re young and fit, this may not be such an important factor for you. But, if you are elderly or have suffer from any mobility issues the more lightweight the seat, the easier it will be for you to maneuver.

The main thing to consider here is the landscape in which the rolling seat will be used. Will you have to lift the seat and carry it at any point? If the answer is yes, I would suggest looking for a model that weighs less than 10 pounds. 


The material of the rolling garden seat you opt for goes hand-in-hand with the above point. Metal seats are no doubt the strongest and most durable of garden seats, but they will be the heaviest, so just bear this in mind if you need to carry it anywhere. They’re also prone to rusting so make sure you store them indoors or under cover when not in use.

Plastic rolling seats are much lighter, making them easier to lift and carry if need be. The downside is they’re nowhere near as durable as metal ones.

Weight allowance

Rolling garden seats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and while some of them have quite high weight allowances others are not so generous. Be sure to check that the model you’re looking at is strong enough to cope with both your weight and that of your tools, accessories, or refreshments.

It’s very important that you don’t exceed the weight allowance of these seats at any time as it could cause permanent damage, rendering it unsafe to use. 


Having a seat that’s adjustable is imperative in order to get the right height for you. Swivel seats are also very useful as they allow you more movement with less effort. Open designed garden seats are best for adjustability.


While a rolling garden seat should be seen as an investment in your health, the cost is, of course, something you still need to consider. The price range of these seats varies considerably across the board, but most will cost you less than $50.  


This is another thing that varies from model to model. If you’re someone who’s gets scared at the very sight of a screwdriver then make sure you look for an option that requires very little assembly. Most rolling garden seats are pretty easy to put together, but you do get the odd one that is a right pain in the backside, so be careful.