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Best Supplements for Skin Health and Acne

Best Supplements for Skin Health and Acne

Each and every day our skin is exposed to a barrage of chemicals and toxins that are found within the air. While this may sound quite nasty, it isn’t really all that bad.

You see, when it comes to this sort of stuff specifically, the skin acts as an excellent defense mechanism. It is our first point of contact with the outside world, and it does an exceptional job of keeping harmful compounds from entering the body. This in turn ensures our global health is maintained efficiently and effectively.

Which is obviously quite a good thing – although I should note that it does come with some potential downfalls.

This exposure to toxins can lead to a substantial drop in skin health and skin quality, in conjunction with associated blemishes combined with an increased risk of developing acne (arguably the most common skin disorders occurring within the modern-day population).


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The strongest evidence to date on dietary triggers for acne is for high-glycemic-load diets. In a randomized controlled trial (RCT), acne patients demonstrated significant improvement after 12 weeks of a low-glycemic-load diet. Later studies documented that this dietary pattern resulted in lower androgen bioavailability and altered skin sebum production. In another RCT, a 10-week low-glycemic-load diet improved acne, and histopathological exam revealed decreased skin inflammation and reduced sebaceous gland size. (source)

Fortunately, there are some supplements that have shown to increase the skins capacity to remove toxins, while also improving the health and function of the skin cells. Within this, there are also specific compounds that have been shown limit the severity of acne, while also reducing the risk of developing acne plagued skin.

What do skin care supplements do?

Effective skin care supplements have been shown to improve the health of the skin through a number of different mechanisms.

These supplements have the capacity to reduce the inflammation within the skin is a result of prolonged exposure to air driven toxins. This can lead to improvements in skin quality by increasing skin healing, while also reducing skin redness and swelling.

Various skin supplements contain antioxidant compounds that reduce the formation of free radicals resulting from sun and toxin exposure. This can improve skin quality and stave off age related decline in skin health. As an added bonus, these same compounds can remove acne-causing bacteria from the skin, reducing the severity and incidence of acne.

And finally, skin care supplements can also provide the skin with those nutrients essential to maintain its structure and function. In doing so it can optimize skin health, ensuring we don’t see any significant drops in skin quality over time.

What should I look for in a skin health and acne supplement?

Taking the above into consideration, there are key compounds that have been shown to have the most benefit when it comes to maximizing skin health and quality, while limiting the harmful effects of acne. These include:

  • Fish Oil (omega-3): is full of two key essential fatty acids known as EPA and DHA. These compounds are some of the most potent anti-inflammatory’s known to man, and as such have been suggested to cause large reduction in skin derived inflammation. This can go a long way at improving skin health, while also reducing the negative inflammatory effects of acne [1].
  • Vitamin C: is found in high amounts within the skin, where it plays important roles negating the effect of harmful UV rays and increasing collagen production within the skin. As such, it plays an integral role in negating age-related declines in skin quality, while also protecting the skin from environmental damage [2].
  • Vitamin E: is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin from sun damage while also reducing inflammation within the skin. Through these two actions it can decrease the declines in skin health associated with ageing [3].
  • Vitamin A: is an interesting compound that is required for wound healing and skin regrowth. As such, it plays an important role in supporting the development of new skin cells and maintaining optimal skin quality [4].
  • Zinc:is an essential mineral that has been shown to cause substantial increases in skin health, while also reducing the spread of harmful bacteria across the surface of the skin. As a result, it offers a fantastic way to ensure healthy, blemish free, high functioning skin [4].

Best Skin Supplement Reviews

There are a huge number of skin health supplements appearing on the market, which can make choosing one quite the challenging. As such, we have gone out and found what we believe to be the best three options available on the market today.

Quick Take: OUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR Skin Health and Acne Supplements
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Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin, and Nails