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Best Blue Blocking Glasses to Help You Fall Asleep Fast

Written by Sabrina Wilson and updated on September 10, 2018
Best Glasses for Blocking Blue Light at Night

Over the last decade technology has jumped forward in leaps and bounds. Access to social media, movies, tv shows, and every other form of entertainment imaginable is literally at the touch of our finger tips – something that many would agree, has ultimately improved our life for the better.

But it has also come with some downfalls.

Namely the fact that we are now exposed to blue light constantly, which can wreak absolute havoc with our sleep patterns.

What is Blue Light?

Before we get into the nitty gritty around what blue light is, and how it can impact the body, we first want to touch on what is known as the circadian rhythm.

Your circadian rhythm describes the 24-hour biological cycle that dictates all the essential metabolic functions within your body. Importantly, this also includes the regulation of your daily wake-sleep cycle.

You see, your circadian rhythm determines when you should be both awake and full of energy, and when you should feel tired and need to sleep. But there is a bit of kicker here. You see, your circadian rhythm isn’t perfect.

In fact, it needs constant adjusting from external factors – of which the most important is light.

And the type of light that has the most impact is blue light.

As its name suggests, blue light is a type of light that sits within the blue wavelength of the light spectrum. This specific type of light stimulates certain receptors within the eye, which then send signals to your brain – stimulating alertness and wakefulness.

Blue light comes from the sun, which is great because it helps us to stay alert during the day while also improving mental performance and mood. Because of this (in more traditional settings), historically blue light didn’t really pose any issues. The sun would go down, telling your body that it was time to rest and recover, and you would go to sleep.


Or maybe not.

In modern day, blue light also comes from electronic devices – which ultimately tricks our brain into thinking that its daytime. This means that at night, even despite the sun going down, your body will not get told that it’s time to sleep.

Instead, it will enter a state of increased wakefulness.

As a result, artificial blue light can make it extremely difficult to fall asleep, while also impacting the quality of that sleep in a very negative manner.

Why is Sleep Important?

Now, you might be thinking that a little sleep loss never hurt anyone – and, to be completely honest, you would be very wrong.

There is an abundance of recent research demonstrating that poor sleep quality can cause significant increase in your risk of metabolic disease (namely diabetes), cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer, as well as an increased risk of emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety.

So yeah, in short, blue light isn’t great.

But fortunately for us, recent technology has made it possible to limit the impact of blue light irrespective of how much you expose yourself to screens before bedtime.

And this is done through Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

What are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

As their name so obviously suggests, blue light blocking glasses are specially designed glasses that stop artificial blue light from reaching the eyes. These glasses use amber coloured lenses to effectively block all blue light from reaching the eyes surface – thus ensuring that your brain doesn’t receive signals promoting wakefulness.

This can make it much easier to fall asleep in the evenings.

Given that this technology is relatively new, there has been quite a bit of research within the area in an attempt to determine their effectiveness – and the results have been by and large overwhelmingly positive.

In fact, simply wearing these glasses for three hours before bed have been shown to cause huge improvements in the ability to fall asleep, while also ensuring a deeper, more restful sleep throughout the nights duration.

This has been shown to come with better hormone levels, enhanced mental and cognitive function throughout the day, improved mood, and better health.

These are seriously one of the most effective options to help treat one of the largest problems plaguing modern society.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Product Reviews

Given the huge impact that blue light blocking glasses can have on sleep and health, we wanted to give you some great options that you can begin to implement immediately. Each of these offer a fantastic option in their own right, in which they provide an exceptional way of enhancing sleep in a simple and effective manner.

Given their increasing popularity, numerous blue light glasses have been popping up all over the internet – some of which are obviously much better than others.

This particular option by Gunnar Optiks is one of the best on the market. Using extremely high-quality production materials and the latest in blue light blocking technology, these are guaranteed to help you sleep longer and deeper, while also assisting reduce screen related stress on the eyes.

You really can’t go wrong here.

Our next option by Swannies is another great choice.

While a little more expensive than the other two options on this list, you shouldn’t let that act as a deterrent. These are not only very effective but will also last you a lifetime. For those after an extremely durable option that also work incredibly well, look no further.

Our final product by Gamma Ray is hands down the most popular on the market at the moment – and with this in mind, they also happen to be the most affordable.

Designed to be low cost, comfortable, and effective, these are the perfect option for those either looking to try blue light glasses for the first time, or those on a tight budget.


Blue light glasses are the perfect way to stop electronic screens form ruining your sleep and your health. By using unique amber lenses, these great tools completely stop blue light from reaching the eye and stimulating the brain – seriously optimising sleep in the process.

As always, if you have had any experience using blue light blocking glasses then we would love to hear about it, so drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.