▷ Does Cedar Oil Repel Spiders?

Does Cedar Oil Repel Spiders?

Does cedar oil repel spiders?

Yes it does and should you happen to have a spider problem in your home, we are going to tell you about a natural remedy you can use to get these unwelcome visitors out fast and permanently.

Why Natural Remedies?

Why natural remedies are so desirable should be obvious. To begin with, they don’t expose you and your home to a variety of potentially dangerous chemicals often contained in store-bought solutions that can be harmful to you and to the environment. In addition, you’re not contributing to the eternal landfill that is covering our little planet with its plastic waste.

Cedar oil

Home remedies are also nice in that aside from working well, you gain a sense of self-satisfaction for making a do-it-yourself insect repellant that is non-poisonous and that works.

A Natural Remedy that Can Get Rid of Spiders

When it comes to spiders in your home, Cedar oil takes up the welcome mat and encourages these eight-legged invaders to take up residence elsewhere rather than in your house.

How to Use Cedar Oil to Repel Spiders

It is recommended you buy a good quality cedar oil. It can be purchased from the Cedarcide store or on Amazon.

You can even buy cedar oil in spray form, which ultimately may be the easiest way to use it as a spider repellant.

You can also just buy the cedar oil itself and put it into a spray bottle. Then, all you really have to do is take your cedar oil or cedar oil spray and apply it to your door frames, window panes, cracks, crevices, and any other openings that you suspect spiders may be sneaking through and in no time, you should be spider free. Repeat every so often as needed.

Where to Buy Cedar Oil

For a full range of cedar oil products for use on yards, pets, livestock, humans and more, visit Cedarcide.


With the use of natural cedar oil you have an excellent insect repellent that creates a barrier to deter spiders and other insects from entering your home. Simply spray or wipe some cedar oil around the areas you suspect spiders are coming through. Be sure to spray or rub some in closet areas, corners, and dark places inside the house where spiders like to hide.

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