▷ Does Cedar Oil Work on Scorpions?

Does Cedar Oil Work on Scorpions?

If you’ve lived in or visited the south or Southwest, you’ve more than likely seen a scorpion or two. These scary eight-legged predators can be aggressive and cause painful stings when riled. Dealing with scorpions can be challenging, especially having kids or pets in the house. If you’re looking for a natural substitute to harsh man-made chemicals, consider using cedar oil, a safe and powerful alternative.

Scorpions Avoid Cedar Oil

The scent of cedar oil is one fragrance scorpions don’t like. In fact they avoid it whenever possible. If you live in an area where there are scorpions, you may need a natural impediment that will keep them on the outside of your residence. 

One company, Wondercide, makes several natural products that work on scorpions and says there are various reasons cedar oil works so well in controlling them and other pests.

Cedar oil is efficacious in that it:
  • Causes osmotic dehydration, which pulls water from the insects and dries them out
  • Is an essential oil that alkalizes a pest’s body, changing their pH levels, thereby killing them
  • Breaks up the body fat of most insects, causing death
  • Is effective at dissolving the eggs and exoskeletons
  • Causes discomfort and breath-holding such that they die of suffocation

Cedar Oil Disrupts a Scorpion’s Thought Process

Cedar Oil Industries, a Texas-based company, is very familiar with scorpions and created a scorpion control sprayer designed to take care of the problem within a few days.

For an effective treatment, the cedar oil should touch or be inhaled by the arachnid, as it impairs the faculties of most insects while dissolving the egg and larvae. 

Southwestern Cedar Oil has created a cedar oil spray that can be used on all types of materials for the treatment of scorpions and pests. They opted for cedar oil because it’s not only natural and organic, but is also highly effective at controlling all kinds of pests and insects.

As you have learned, cedar oil’s essential qualities are perfect for the treatment of scorpions. Whether you want to purchase a pre-mixed product or prefer to make your own cedar oil blend, look for a high quality, organic product.

To begin:
  • Start by identifying the problem areas where scorpions have been seen
  • Spray in dark, hidden areas where scorpions tend to congregate, like cabinets, basements, attics, and around the outside of your house as well as closets and under the bed
  • Be prepared to see an increase in scorpion activity as they scramble to avoid the oil and have your sprayer at the ready as they appear
  • Fill in any cracks and openings scorpions might be using to gain entrance to your home

Cedar oil...natural pest control at it's best.

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