▷ Choosing the Best Colloidal Silver Supplement (2024 Update)

Choosing the Best Colloidal Silver Supplement

Colloidal Silver Supplement

Over the last couple of decades we have seen the supplement industry evolve in leaps and bounds. While this has been for the most part a very good thing (a reduced risk of disease and illness, anyone?), it has led to the widespread uptake of various pharmaceutical grade compounds that can actually impede health when overconsumed.

With this in mind, many people are looking to the past for safe and natural supplements that have been used effectively to boost health for thousands of years.

And one such supplement that fits this description perfectly is colloidal silver.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is essentially the suspension of tiny silver crystals (between 10 and 100 nanometers in size) within a liquid solvent. While the end product is ultimately very similar, there are two key ways of making this unique compound.

The first option involves mechanically grinning metallic silver into very small particles, whereas the second requires the generation of colloidal silver through a process known as green synthesis. During this process sugar and other plant-based substances are used to reduce the silver salt into nanoparticles.

At the completion of both production mechanisms, the miniscule silver particles are suspended in liquid, resulting in a liquid supplement.

Now you might find yourself wondering why in the world you would want to supplement with silver? And there is actually a very good reason for this.

You see, silver is a potent metal that exhibits certain antimicrobial effects. As a result, in more historical settings silver has been used in numerous aspects of folk medicine where it was thought to enhance health and stave off infection. Taking this into consideration, silver solution is still used in modern medicinal practices as a key part of wound dressings and to reduce the risks of certain infections.

Interestingly, due to its unique properties, the consumption of colloidal of silver has also been suggested to enhance health through additional mechanisms.

What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver?

Considering the unique health boosting properties that colloidal silver exhibits, we wanted to take an objective look at the research to determine where this interesting supplement offers us the most bang for our buck (so to speak).

Can Colloidal Silver Help Enhance Wound Healing?

In conjunction with its potent antimicrobial effects, colloidal silver has also been shown to exhibit rather potent anti-inflammatory properties. This makes an excellent option for treating wounds, as it has the potential to reduce the risk of infection while also accelerating the healing process.

In fact, there is evidence to suggest that the topical application of colloidal silver can enhance the rate at which wounds heal in a very significant manner. In this study, there was also a reduced risk of infection combined with enhanced skin health in the area.

Does Colloidal Silver Help Treat the Common Cold?

The common cold is ultimately a viral disease that results in the infection of upper respiratory tract. This can lead to a sort throat, inability to breathe comfortably, stuffy sinus, and the accumulation of excess mucus in the sinuses.

In short, it becomes pretty uncomfortable.

Interestingly, the various silver nanoparticles within colloidal silver have been shown to inhibit virus replication. As a result, its supplementation has been shown to help treat the common cold effectively and accelerate the healing process.

Does Colloidal Silver Help Treat Sinus Infections?

In a very similar manner to our above point, colloidal silver has also been suggested to help treat sinus infections. You see, these infections are caused by excessive bacterial growth within the sinus canals – in which colloidal silver has actually been shown to kill these bacteria and suppress the associated inflammation that they cause.

With this in mind, the supplementation of colloidal silver has been shown to aid in the treatment of sinus infections, lessening their severity and duration in a very positive manner.

Does Colloidal Silver Have Cancer Fighting Properties?

And finally, in conjunction with the above, there is also some preliminary evidence to suggest that the supplementation of colloidal silver may have a protective effect against the onset and development of cancer cells.

You see, in cell-based studies performed in a laboratory, colloidal silver has been shown to cause the death of breast cancer cells, while also inhibiting their growth and progression.

While these studies are obviously in their very early stages, it does suggest that colloidal silver may have the potential to reduce cancer risk and slow the development of tumorous cells in a very big way.

Best Colloidal Silver Product Reviews

As it appears that the supplementation of colloidal silver can have some pretty wide-reaching effects throughout the body, we wanted to give you some great options that you can start to implement immediately.

This unique colloidal silver supplement by Sovereign Silver is hands down the most popular on the market – and for very good reason too.

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol for Immune Support - Colloidal Silver Liquid - 10 ppm, 4oz (118mL) - Dropper

It uses extremely high-quality ingredients and excellent production processes to guarantee results. You really cannot go wrong here.

This colloidal silver by Natural Path has been incredibly well received by the health industry, with many consumers applauding its cold and flu fighting abilities.

Natural Path Silver Wings Colloidal Silver Mineral Supplement, 250 Ppm, 1 Fluid Ounce

Using some of the purest silver on the market, its hard to look past this one.

Our final option by Kaiame Naturals is fast becoming one the most popular available.

Kaiame Naturals Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver Solution, 10 PPM, Large 16 oz Glass Bottle, Natural Immune Support Supplement, Safe for Adults, Children, and Pets

Designed using only two simple ingredients (pure silver and water) it offers us one of the most potent options on the market – this is a great choice.


Colloidal silver is an excellent natural supplement that has been used effectively for thousands of years – and with research suggesting that it can fight colds and infections, enhance would healing, and even help stave off the development of cancer, you can really see why.

As always, if you have had any experiencing using this amazing supplement then we would love to hear about it – so please drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.


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