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Cutting Edge Sleep Tech for 2022

By Sabrina Wilson / June 10, 2022
I Can't Sleep

People not getting enough sleep has become a problem of epidemic proportions. 

Globally, as many as 2 out of 3 adults report at least one sleep disturbance every single night. 

And that was data from before the pandemic! Since the pandemic, 7 out of 10 adults report new sleep disturbances.(1) 

The U.S. has a serious sleep problem

About 30%-40% of adults in the US report having insomnia at some point every year.(2) 

It’s gotten so bad that the CDC has declared insufficient sleep a national health problem.(3)

It’s not just adults either. 50% of children, 75% of high school students(4), and 60% of college students don’t get enough sleep.(5)

It’s costly…and deadly…

Insufficient sleep costs the U.S. more than any other country, with $411 billion in annual losses.(6)  

Worse, drowsy driving causes 1,550 traffic fatalities and 40,000 non-fatal injuries every year.  

…and makes you fat.

You probably know sleep is crucial to overall health. But did you know that 3%-5% of all obesity is attributable to not getting enough sleep? 

Sleeping ourselves thinner must be the only thing Americans haven’t tried to lose weight!

So what can you do?

The short answer is…a LOT. 

Scientists and entrepreneurs have been working overtime in the past few years to bring state-of-the-art sleep tech to market. 

Sleep solutions today are smaller, more convenient, easier to use and certainly far more affordable than spending a night in a sleep lab. 

We scoured the research and the web for the best sleep tech solutions of 2022 and these are our top recommendations.


A sleep lab in the palm of your hand

The first step to better sleep is often figuring out why you can’t sleep in the first place. Even if you know, monitoring your progress is key which is why we’re recommending the Go2sleep from SLEEPON. 

It was named the best value sleep tracker by the Sleep Foundation and comes in 2 models. One is a ring and the other is a fingertip monitor similar to one you’d see in a hospital but without any wires. 

It’s a small, elegant and affordable replacement for a visit to the sleep lab.



Stay cool year round

The science is clear, temperature is a big factor in how well you sleep.(8) In a quickly warming world, it can be difficult and costly to keep the temperature low enough while you sleep. 

Do you know how cool is optimal?

65 degrees.

That's a big ask in the summertime for many homes.

However, you don’t have to cool the whole house…just your bed. And that’s where ChiliSleep comes in. 

It’s a mattress topper that circulates cool water, carrying away the heat and keeping you cool all night. It’s not the cheapest device on this list–but compared to cooling your whole house or even your whole bedroom–it’s a bargain. 


Grounding Sheets

Discharge positive ions for better sleep 

Ok, maybe you heard about the temperature issue, but here’s another one you almost certainly weren’t aware of. Failing to be in direct contact with the ground every day causes a build up of positive ions in the body. 

Sounds a little “woo-woo” but check the research(9), it’s a thing. A thing that causes inflammation in the body and–you guessed it–sleep problems. 

Fortunately there’s an easy solution for city-dwellers or other folks who tend not to walk barefoot outside enough…grounding products. Throw some grounding sheets on over the ChiliSleep and/or a grounding pillowcase over your pillow and you’re on your way to a potent sleep stack.

Sleep Masks

Your brain needs pitch black

For optimal sleep, your brain really needs your environment to be as dark as possible. For 99% of our history as a species, we didn’t have any electric lights and we haven’t evolved to be ok with them yet. 

A sleep mask can solve that problem. And while you can readily grab a cheap one on Amazon, they last a really long time and comfort is key. That’s why we recommend Drowsy, an eye mask fit for royalty. 


Mouth Tape

Don’t be a mouth breather

It was surprising to learn that breathing through your nose has been known to be good for sleep for centuries. (Why do we get advice like “if you keep making that face it will be stuck that way” but not the really useful stuff?)

There are a number of fixes for this, but the cheapest and easiest is to tape your mouth shut. It forces you to breathe through your nose, and if you buy the right tape, it makes snoring pretty difficult too. 

I do this personally and I’ve tried a number of the mouth tape products on the market. My favorite by far is Somnifix (and for full disclosure I borrowed their tagline above–it was too good not to). 

They stay stuck all night, have a ventilation slot so you don’t feel claustrophobic and the size and shape are right for full coverage. 


Smart Nora

High-tech snoring solution

Snoring doesn’t just cause relationship problems, it causes sleep problems. If you’re snoring, you’re probably not getting the quality sleep that you need. 

So if you want to stop snoring without taping your mouth shut–or if that wasn’t enough to stop your epic snore–you can try Smart Nora.

It’s a touchless device that works with your existing pillow. It just detects when you snore and moves the pillow a bit so you’ll stop. It’s basically just automatically doing what your partner does, but without all the sharp elbows and dirty looks. 

Smart Nora


Just stare at the light and…zzz

Controlling how you breathe, inhaling and exhaling at a certain cadence, triggers a natural relaxation and sleep response in your brain. The Dodow is a sleep tech device that exploits this little biological loophole to help you sleep better. 

Dodow projects a soothing blue light onto the ceiling. You just coordinate your breathing with the pulsing of the light, and you doze off before you know it. 

It’s affordable, portable and works like a charm. 


Chill Pill

Better sleep AND reduced anxiety

Some people can’t sleep because they’re anxious. Then they get anxious about not getting enough sleep and a vicious cycle erupts. 

The Chill Pill is a science-based solution for both anxiety and insomnia, and it increases the quality of your sleep as well (strange but true). It uses Electrotherapy Stimulation, which means it sends little electronic pulses from your hand to your brain telling it to chill out. 

If you like the idea of exploiting loopholes in your brain but also like to wear an eye mask (so the Dodow doesn’t make sense), this is a great solution. 

Chill Pill



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