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By Sabrina Wilson / November 4, 2018

Here’s how to pamper yourself when you don’t have the time or the money for a visit to the spa.

Luxury spas have a well-guarded secret.

Just take a look at the exclusive Spa Montage in Beverly Hills, or the Remède Spa at the St. Regis Aspen Resort. These glamorous wellness centers offer premium pampering in beautiful settings, and can easily cost hundreds of dollars a day.

Their little-known secret is a powerful treatment involving essential oils, which have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years. This unique aromatherapy experience is drawing many customers to luxury spas, but it could be coming under serious threat from a feisty little competitor.

Central to the Appeal of Luxury Spas

To many spa lovers, aromatherapy and essential oils have become synonymous with the spa experience. And with good reason.

When you step into a luxury spa, you’re likely to get swept away by a mysterious scent that transports you to the rainforests of Bali. Odds are, you are actually smelling the rare ylang ylang essential oil.

Or imagine the de-stressing effect of a light but familiar aroma that practically melts away your tension and makes you forget all your worries. In this case, you’re probably enjoying a blend that features lavender essential oil.

Luxury spas have long used the wonderful and intoxicating aromas of different essential oils to provide an immersive experience for their well-heeled guests. However, true spa connoisseurs know that there is much more to essential oils than just their ability to relax or energize.

Recently Discovered Therapeutic Effects

Doctors are increasingly finding that essential oils act on our bodies in a number of ways to improve our health.

Certainly, the positive emotional effects of a pleasant aroma are a part of this. But according to scientists, compounds found in essential oils can also open up congested breathing passageways, decrease inflammation, help treat skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis, and even absorb into the bloodstream to normalize dangerous stress hormones such as cortisol.

Luxury spas have long relied on these therapeutic effects of essential oils to provide additional health benefits to their patrons. But now, luxury spas are facing a crisis, because their closely guarded secret has become available to anyone who wants a spa-like aromatherapy experience, in a home setting, at a fraction of the price.

Finally: A Spa Experience in Your Own Shower?

A startup from Santa Monica called ESSIO has released the first in-shower essential oil diffuser, which replicates the spa experience at home.

Peter Friis, the co-founder of ESSIO and a former product developer at Amazon, credits the idea to his mother Candace.

“My mom is a huge fan of aromatherapy and of the spa,” explained Friis. “She’s always been someone on the go, and she never really had time to unwind and relax on her own. Not to mention that spas are expensive.”

According to Friis, his mother was literally in the shower one day when she thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could have the spa right here?” Friis’s father, a recently retired engineer, liked the idea and started tinkering with it. Within a couple of months, he had a working prototype of the ESSIO shower diffuser.

“We constantly hear people saying, ‘I love the spa but I can’t afford to spend $150 on a treatment there,'” explained Friis.  Realizing that there’s nothing else like ESSIO on the market, he jumped in and started promoting his new home-spa experience.

It has certainly proven to be an immense success. Since launching, ESSIO has sold tens of thousands of units, and has been featured in People Magazine, Good Morning America, and the New York Times.

How the ESSIO Shower Diffuser Works

The ESSIO diffuser fits over the shower head and disperses tiny microparticles of essential oils right into the steam of your shower. This way, you can get the powerful health benefits of essential oils right in your home, whenever you want, without paying the hundreds of dollars luxury spas normally charge.

Thanks to its innovative design, the ESSIO diffuser fits on almost any shower head, and it can be easily adjusted to disperse more or less essential oils. It’s also easy to turn off the spa experience entirely — perfect in situations where some household members love the spa but others do not.

Check out the following video to see exactly how ESSIO works — and why it poses such a threat to luxury spas:

What Sets ESSIO Apart

Essential oils can be used in the home in various ways, but usage in the shower with an ESSIO diffuser provides several distinct advantages. Because of its unique design, which only requires a tiny amount of essential oils to be diffused, ESSIO is:

  • Entirely safe to use, and poses no risk of irritation to your eyes or skin
  • Doesn’t leave any oil residue on your hair, skin, or tub, because the essential oils don’t need to be diluted in a carrier oil
  • Offers maximum therapeutic benefit, because essential oils diffused with ESSIO absorb into the skin and the bloodstream with greater efficiency compared to other methods of use

The ESSIO Starter Pack, the company’s best-selling product

The ESSIO Starter Pack, the company’s best-selling product

Three Custom-Made Blends for Three Specific Effects

According to the company, the ESSIO starter pack comes with the ESSIO shower diffuser, as well as with three unique blends of all natural essential oils, each of which provides specific therapeutic benefits:

  • Breathe, which decongests and opens up airways, thanks to its refreshing blend of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils
  • Passion, a sensual blend that awakens desire, and which features orange, lavender, cinnamon, patchouli, and clove essential oils
  • Unwind, which relieves stress through a restorative synergy of citrus, spice, and floral tones

Each of the blends comes in a “pod,” which fits into the ESSIO diffuser and lasts for 4-5 showers, depending on the intensity of use.

The “Breathe” pod for use with the ESSIO shower diffuser

Refill pods, as well as pods containing other unique blends, can be ordered from the ESSIO website. And if you already use essential oils, you can simply refill a pod with a custom blend of your own making.

Does This Spell Doom for Luxury Spas?

While ESSIO only recently announced its product, tens of thousands of starter packs have already been sold. This exploding popularity has been helped by hundreds of glowing reviews, as well as by high-profile appearances in Vogue Magazine, Extra TV, and the Huffington Post.

And that’s not all. Several of the world’s most exclusive top-tier hotels, such as the Mandarin Oriental in Miami and the Four Seasons in Mauritius, have started rolling out ESSIO shower diffusers to their guests.

The Four Seasons Mauritius features ESSIO to rejuvenate guests

Undoubtedly, luxury spas will continue to exist thanks to other services. But it’s clear their essential oil and aromatherapy secret has been found out.

As a result, it’s likely that their bottom line will suffer from the growing popularity of ESSIO, as more and more people take advantage of this home spa experience.

Spoil Yourself Every Day with a Spa Treatment at Home

While luxury spas wring their hands over this new product, ESSIO’s shower diffuser is fantastic news for everybody interested in the same relaxing and therapeutic experience of a spa, in their own home, at a fraction of the price.

And right now, ESSIO is featuring a special promotion to sweeten this deal even more.


Normally, each ESSIO starter pack sells for $79.95, about half the price of a single visit to a luxury spa. However, for a limited time you can get an ESSIO Starter Pack for just $39.99a 50% discount off the regular price.  

And if you order more than one ESSIO Starter Pack (they make great presents for friends and family), you get up to 26% off plus free shipping and handling.

Don’t delay, and treat yourself to a real luxury spa experience right now, while this great deal from ESSIO still lasts.


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