▷ How To Supplement Your Juice Cleanse With Meditation For Incredible Results

How To Supplement Your Juice Cleanse With Meditation For Incredible Results

By Mind Valley / August 24, 2017
How To Supplement Your Juice Cleanse With Meditation For Incredible Results

Juicing is a food world trend that’s been getting a lot of play these days. But the question is: why? And is juicing really all that good for you?

A juice cleanse, also known as a juice fast, consists of relying only on pressed fruit and vegetables juices for all your nutritional needs. For the duration of the cleanse, you consume only juice, morning, noon, and night.

Juice cleanses vary in length, often ranging between 1 - 7 days. Some, like juice cleanse advocate Joe Cross, can stick with the routine for 2 entire months (although this is an extreme example, and by no means should you embark on such a lengthily cleanse without careful consideration and a stamp of approval from your physician). Most cleanses offered by juice bars and cleanse programs run for 3 days.

So, you now understand the concept...but, why do it? There’s a lot of controversy around this question, with naysayers suggesting juice cleanses are a waste of money and time. However, other nutritionists and juice cleanse aficionados have plenty of positive things to say about the process.

So, what are the benefits of a juice cleanse?

1. Discover Hidden Food Sensitivities

Because juice cleanses entirely eliminate dairy, grain, and processed foods, you may unintentionally discover a hidden food sensitivity.

Many of us possess sensitivities to foods we’re not even aware of, as our bodies baseline inflammation level remains at a consistently high level. But switching to juices for a day or two just might be the window you need to try an elimination test.

As you’re coming off the cleanse and getting ready to eat solid food again, consider incorporating the most common culprits behind food sensitivities last, and one at a time (wheat, corn, soy, dairy, eggs).

You may discover that eating a plate of scrambled eggs causes digestive distress. Or that munching on a bowl of popcorn makes your insides feel like balloon animals. Going on a juice cleanse is like hitting the reset button on your digestive tract. And it just may afford you the opportunity to discover what’s quietly been ailing you.

2. Plenty of Wholesome, Revitalizing Nutrients

If you’ve ever made juice at home, you know just how much produce goes into a glass of fruit or vegetable juice.

A lot.

In some cases, several pounds of leafy greens are needed for a single cup of green veggie juice. This means you’re getting a serious nutrient payout without having to crunch down 3 pounds of celery and kale 3 times a day.

Juicing gives your body the golden opportunity to get a fantastic dose of vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients, without having to go to the trouble of actually eating the stuff.

Look for juice cleanses that offer cold pressed juice. Cold pressing is a method of juicing that kills fewer nutrients than traditional heat based extraction.

3. Detoxification of the Body

Consuming organic, cold pressed fruits and vegetables in abundance is going to rock your system – but in a good way.

As all inflammatory items are eliminated from your diet, the levels of inflammation in your body will naturally decrease. And this is most certainly a good thing, because consistently high levels of inflammation contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases, like leaky gut and hypothyroidism.

By embarking on a juice cleanse, your body will be able to begin recuperating and healing from the long term baseline level of inflammation it’s likely been grappling with.

As your body begins to detox, you should notice improvements across a multitude of spectrums:

  • check
    Increased energy levels
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    Weight loss
  • check
    Better digestion
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    Reduced chronic pain
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    Clearer skin

The physical benefits of a juice cleanse certainly are appealing. But why stop with your body? Why not supplement your step toward better bodily health with some support across another spectrum?

Detox Your Body, Detox Your Mind

Meditation can be a welcome addition during any dietary or lifestyle changes. And meditation is so versatile a practice that it can be sculpted to fit any routine, any need, any desire or aim. Increased creativity? You got it. Better focus? No problem. Improved sleep? Sure thing!

You can find a guided meditation or mindfulness technique for just about everything, and the benefits of taking on such a practice are far-reaching and powerful.

Why not supplement your juice cleanse with a meditation class? Or try some mindful breathing on your way home from the gym? There are many ways to incorporate these techniques into your life, and all are well worth the invested effort. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day. You will feel the difference.

Ever tried a juice cleanse before? How about meditation? Do you think the two could work well in tandem? Let us know your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you!


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