▷ How to Use Essential Oils for Weight Loss (2019 Update)

Aromatherapy and Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight with Essential Oils

We are all trying to find that miracle weight loss solution.  Unfortunately, essential oils alone will not shed weight.  For example, although there have been claims of Grapefruit essential oil stimulating weight loss, there is no scientific research to back it.  However, emotionally, the can indeed effect our weight loss.

We don’t want to rule out essential oils.  Used in conjunction with various other weight loss techniques and healthy choices, the can play a big role in reaching your goals. Let’s first address a few weight loss myths.

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The Detox Theory Myth in Aromatherapy

A myth we often see in Aromatherapy is that essential oils will “detox” the body. However, there are no essential oils that are going to detox the body.

Along with other processes, there are 3 organs of the body that do a great job detoxing daily.  The organs that function in this manner are the kidneys, through the skin (our biggest organ) when sweating and the liver.   It’s a myth that essential oils will “open the liver to increase liver function”.  (1)

The best way to detox your body is with plenty of fresh water and nutrients so these organs can do their jobs properly.

The only time that someone might really need help with detoxifying is if his or her kidney or liver is failing. In those extreme cases, dialysis is the choice.  

Note: We use the term carrier oil in this article. A carrier oil is simply any oil used to help diffuse the potency of the pure essential oils and help distribute them better.

Our Metabolism

To clarify, it is misinformation that essential oils can stimulate our metabolism.  Our metabolic process is orchestrated by many hormones and our body’s circadian rhythms. The circadian rhythm regulates the physiological process, telling our bodies when to sleep, eat, and rise.  Environmental changes such as sunlight and temperature can affect these processes. 

Hormones have various actions from controlling appetite to speeding up the mitochondria, which plays a critical role in the generation of metabolic energy in eukaryotic cells. These cells are responsible for most of the useful energy derived from the breakdown of carbohydrates and fatty acids.  They are converted to ATP (adenosine triphosphate) by the process of oxidative phosphorylation or, to simplify it, they are the little energy packets inside each cell that burns energy and more. (2) (3)

Nutrition and what we eat makes a difference in how our body will respond. We need to provide what it requires so that all its zillions of cells have the necessary basic elements it requires to run smoothly including minerals, vitamins and nutrients such as proteins, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats that the body cells need.  Our bodies can run like a fine-tuned engine, when we keep maintenance up.

Internal Use of Essential Oils and Our Gut Flora

I often see the suggestion of using essential oils internally for weight loss. Without training in proper application, vehicle delivery and correct oils to use internally, certain oils when ingested will kill off your natural gut flora which can create further health issue