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Isotonix Essentials Turn Down Sleep Supplement

Written by Sabrina Wilson and updated on December 10, 2018
Isotonix Essentials Turn Down Sleep Supplement

Review of: Isotonix Essentials Turn Down Sleep Supplement

Used for: Getting to sleep faster and experiencing a more restful sleep.


Effective, although slower acting than some devices.


The liquid delivery system is intended to be faster and more effective, though you pay for that extra performance.

Ease of Use

Mixes easily with water and has explicit instructions, however not as convenient or as portable as capsule-based supplements.

We Like

  • Highly effective
  • Tastes great
  • Gentle action

We Don't Like

  • Ingredients not suitable for all people
  • Less convenient than capsules
  • Doesn’t offer a variety of flavors

Turn Down is an effective sleep drink that not only improves your ability to fall asleep quickly, but also causes large improvements in the quality of that sleep. While it is not the cheapest option on the market, it is effective and tasty.

Sleep is becoming harder and harder to come by. We are constantly stimulated by bright light, environmental noise, electronic screens, work and life stress, amongst practically everything else on the planet.

Moreover, given that the accumulation of poor sleep can lead to an increased risk of physical and mental disease, reduction in cognitive function, and even an increased risk of depression – well, finding ways to improve sleep is absolutely essential to optimizing your health and function on a daily basis.

Which is why we have been scouring the globe to find the best sleep enhancers we can get our hands on – and today we have a great option

Turn Down, by Isotonix essentials.

How Does Isotonix Essentials Turn Down Work?

Turn Down is a unique sleep supplement that really interacts with the body on two different levels.

First and foremost, it provides the body with an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. By ensuring that that body has these compounds readily available for use, it eliminates the risk of developing any nutritional deficiencies, and therefore guarantees the maintenance of normal function.

In doing so, it can help promote normal brain and cell health, and facilitate normal sleep patterns.

Secondly, it provides the body with a potent dosage of two distinct sleep supplements, Magnesium and L-Tryptophan,

Magnesium is a micronutrient found within the human body. It plays a key role in multiple physiological processes at a cellular level, where it is integral to the maintenance of normal health and function.

Delving into this a little bit deeper, it has been identified to assist in the regulation of normal brain function, where it has been shown to help manage the human body’s normal circadian rhythm. Through this interaction, its regular supplementation has been shown to increase feelings of relaxation and tiredness at night, thus improving sleep quality [1].

On the other hand, we have L- Tryptophan.

L-Tryptophan is the supplement form of the amino acid Tryptophan

This amino acid is one of the few that are considered essential, because while it is absolutely vital to the maintenance of normal health, it cannot actually be produced within the human body – and subsequently needs to be obtained through diet or via supplementation.

Now, this incredible compound is used to produce the key hormone Melatonin in the brain.

Melatonin is an important hormone that further regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, and subsequently ensures the maintenance of normal sleep patterns.

Amazingly, the supplementation of L-Tryptophan has been shown to increase melatonin production in the brain. As such, it has shown the capacity to improve your ability to fall asleep while also increasing sleep duration, thus causing global increases in sleep quality [2].

Is Isotonix Essentials Turn Down Easy to Use?

This unique supplement comes in the form of a powder sachet, in which it is then mixed with 8 fluid ounces of water to create a sleep drink. The directions are quite explicit, and the whole process quite seamless.

While I would argue that this isn’t quite as convenient or portable as those sleep supplements that come in tablet form, it is still a very straightforward option that is very easy to use.

Who is Isotonix Essentials Turn Down for?

Prepare yourself for a rather obvious answer here… Turn down is an excellent option for people who want better sleep.

This supplement really covers all bases when it comes to improving sleep quality. Not only does it provide you with several essential nutrients that optimise your body’s function, it also contains two key compounds that have been shown to improve sleep quality while also helping you fall asleep faster.

This is the perfect choice for those individuals who struggle to fall asleep on a regular basis and find themselves waking often during the night.

Who Should Not Use Isotonix Essentials Turn Down?

While Turn Down contains compounds that are for the most part extremely well tolerated in healthy individuals, it may elicit some undesirable side effects in those individuals with reduced kidney function. As such, it should not be taken if you are in this scenario.

Additionally, there is some evidence to suggest that L-Tryptophan can cause some side effects in susceptible individuals. These may include:

  • Heartburn
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Headaches

If you experience any of these, cease consumption immediately.

Finally, there is also some evidence to suggest that tryptophan supplements may cause some complications during pregnancy and breast-feeding scenarios, so avoid supplementation in both of these settings.

Is Isotonix Essentials Turn Down Effective?

Weirdly enough, I opted to trial Turn Down in a Sunday night. I had an extremely social weekend, that involved a couple of late nights (and a whole lot of fun) – which somewhat threw out my normal sleep patterns a bit.

With this in mind, I thought it would be the perfect way to kickstart my week and get in a really good night’s sleep before I went back to work on Monday.

Seems logical, right?

I mixed the drink at about 9pm and started sipping at it slowly over the next 20 minutes or so. I must admit that it mixed really well, with no clumping of the powder, or large lumps within the drink itself.

Moreover, despite not having a specified flavor (it contains no artificial flavors), it was quite palatable – I would describe it as a nice light sweet flavor.

I hopped into bed at around 10pm and read a little bit of my book. It took about 15 minutes (a little less than usual) before I was struggling to focus and chose to go to sleep. I can’t really remember how long it took me to fall asleep from here, but I am going to assume it was pretty rapid, seeing as I can’t really remember anything after putting my book down!

 I woke up around 6.30am feeling refreshed – which for me indicates a pretty good sleep.

So, in short, yes, I would say that this supplement is effective.

Although, it’s probably not as potent as some of the other ones I have trialed of late – which is should add, is certainly not a bad thing. It had a gentle action that allowed me to go to sleep on my own terms, rather than pass out before my normal bedtime.


Turn Down by Isotonic essentials is a great quality sleep supplement that attacks sleep function from two different angles. With this, it includes two key compounds that have been shown to improve sleep in a big way.

Coming in a tasty drink sachet, this is a great choice that offers a gentle, yet effective, method of heling you fall asleep faster and experience a deeper sleep throughout the night.

So, if you are after a high-quality and scientifically supported sleep supplement, give Turn Down a try and let us know how to goes – because we would love to hear about it!