▷ If You DON’T Feed Your Kids Organics…Read This Now

If You DON’T Feed Your Kids Organics…Read This Now

Think organic food doesn't matter? A new study from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute begs to differ. A study of a Swedish family clearly shows the reduction in pesticide exposure, especially in children

This study clearly illustrates that the food we eat is one route to exposure to chemicals. This is particularly true for children, who eat and breathe more in relation to their body weight. Consequently, the same exposure results in higher concentrations of chemicals in their bodies than in adults.

Swedish Environmental
Research Institute

Below are the before and after graphs of the children in the family. The before period is when they ate all conventional food, the after period is when they ate 100% organics. The graphs show the reduction in various types of pesticides found in their bodies.

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Pesticides in Conventional vs. Organic Food

Source: Coop.se

The oldest girl saw a sharp reduction, but the middle child saw even more benefit.

Conventional Food Pesticides in the Body

Source: Coop.se

The youngest child saw the greatest benefit, with the pesticide load in his body basically zeroing out.

Pesticides in Children from Food

Source: Coop.se

A Scary Fact...

Here's a scary fact if you live in the United States. In 2011, the European Union moved to ban endocrine disrupting pesticides that have been linked to behavior and learning problems, obesity and diabetes. The United States is fighting those bans

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Marty Swartz - May 26, 2015

This article is mostly B.S. on the chemicals it is bogus. 1. In the United States, chlormequat is classified as a low risk pesticide and it is registered for use on ornamental plants grown in greenhouses, nurseries, and shadehouses.[2] It is not approved for use on crops intended for use in food or animal feed. How about this? #2 used mostly in cotton to make leaves greener and are not harvested with the cotton fiber. #3and #4 are bogus as well. This was written by an Organic fanatic. and is worthless information, #4 is found in lots of natural elements and food like Cows milk. Get real info if you want us to believe you. I don’t.

shiplu - May 26, 2015

organic food is a challenge who want to live healty and bad for chemical producer
keep going

Dudley - May 29, 2015

This ad for a supermarket is misleading to the point of being immoral. They only tested for conventional pesticides. They never tested for any organic pesticides. This is nonsense.


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