▷ Fasting for Health: Renew Your Whole Immune System in 3 Days

Fasting for Health: Renew Your Whole Immune System in 3 Days

By Nicole Rolleri / February 14, 2015


The immune system is a network of organs, tissues, and cells that work together to protect the body from any type of infection. Because the body is a perfect place for fungi, bacteria, and parasites, the immune system actually works to keep these harmful microbes out of the body. In order to keep the immune system in peak condition, it is important that we care for it. One of the best ways to care for the immune system is by fasting every so often.

Fasting has been going on for centuries. Many different cultures and religions associate it with purification and penitence. When fasting, you’re essentially ridding the body of any toxins that can eventually become harmful to your overall health. A shorter fast can regenerate the immune system by completely rejuvenating it.

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While fasting, the body gets rid of any damaged and old particles in its system. Fasting has also been shown to help cancer patients, as it helps rid the body of any toxins that have been built up from chemotherapy treatments. It also has been proven to decrease the awful side effects of chemo and reduces the cancer hormone called PKA (Natural News).


Whether it is for spiritual or health needs, there is a right and wrong way to fast. One should never fast for more than 72 hours in any given time period. As known, the body does need nutrients or else the body will eventually shut down. Before starting a fasting regime, it is important that you consult with your doctor to see if it is the right choice for you.

People with serious pre-existing health conditions may not be good candidates for fasting. You will want to stay determined during the process. It may be easy to begin day dreaming about a hamburger or a milkshake; however, it’s best to imagine all the accumulated toxins in your body and envision them being completely flushed away.

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If fasting for your first time, start out slowly. Do not go on a 2 day fast if you have never done it before. For example, try fasting for 8 hours your first time and eventually work your way up to a whole day. You do not want to start with too much too fast. Once your fast is over, you will feel rewarded with a reduced craving for sugar and caffeine, an increased energy level, and an improved mood.

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