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Rodent Sheriff Review

By Sabrina Wilson / May 26, 2019

Review of: Rodent Sheriff
Used for: A natural pest repellent that won’t harm the environment or annoy your kids or pets.


Rodent Sheriff is pretty darn effective when it comes to small jobs and repelling things like mice and chipmunks. However, it may not be suitable for large scale pest infestations (think rats living in your walls).


For around $20 you get two generously-sized bottles of Rodent Sheriff, which is an absolute bargain in my opinion.

Ease of Use

This could not get any easier to use. Simply spray it around your home and garden, and watch the critters flee.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Chemical free
  • Effective

What We Don't Like

  • The scent may annoy some people
  • Not suitable for bigger jobs

Rodent Sheriff is a great pest control option for those of you with pets and children, or who are wary of using chemicals that may damage the environment. Given its affordability and effectiveness, it is a great option.

Rodent Sheriff review

We have all been there.

In the middle of what felt like a very deep sleep, before waking up in a panic to a rustling noise coming from the kitchen.

While the noise is both quiet and subtle, there is something about that’s just a bit off.

You finally get up the courage to drag yourself from your nice warm bed, head out into the cold, and go and investigate – and you quickly realise that the noise is coming from the trash.

As a positive, you can safely assume that it isn’t a serial killer in there – although when you open the lid, you realise it is much, much worse.


These disgusting little buggers have invaded your home, they have stolen your food, and now they are even sifting through your scraps.

Have they no shame?

Now, most people will go through the process of either laying a whole heap of traps, or calling an exterminator. Although to be honest, neither option is all that good if you have pets or small children at home.

In short, what you need is a natural, chemical-free, alternative.

Which is where Rodent Sheriff enters the discussion.

What is Rodent Sheriff?

As its name so aptly suggests, Rodent Sheriff is a spray designed to keep rodents at bay.

I should note that this product is not just limited to mice and rats, but also raccoons, roaches, and insects as well. In this manner, it can be used around the entirety of your house to keep any nasty critters out of your home and garden.

Where this particular product sets itself apart from many others on the market is the fact that it is designed using all-natural peppermint oil. This means that it contains no nasty chemicals, so you can happily spray it around your home without the worry of making your kids or pets sick.

As a result, it really fills a need in the market as an environmentally friendly pest control option.

How Does Rodent Sheriff Work?

The way in which Rodent Sheriff works is pretty simple in premise.

While the smell of peppermint oil is something that we as humans often find quite appealing, animals do not. This means that it acts as a natural repellent, where even the smell of it keeps them completely at bay.

It is for this reason that simply spraying Rodent Sheriff around your house and garden can stop critters from invading your home.

Is Rodent Sheriff Easy to Use?

Rodent Sheriff ease of use

This was arguably my favorite thing about Rodent Sheriff – it was incredibly simple to use.

If you have any nasty bugs, rodents, or critters in your home, then all you have to do is spray those areas extensively, and they will quickly move on out. In this manner, it offers a much easier alternative to many other methods of pest control.

On the other hand, if you want to use Rodent Sherriff to prevent these nasty little buggers from entering your home at all, you can actually spray it around your home and garden on a weekly basis.

This will pretty much guarantee that you won’t see any invaders entering your home at all.

Rodent Sheriff reviews

Who is Rodent Sheriff for?

In my personal opinion, Rodent Sheriff is the perfect pest control option for people who have pets and small children. Given that it contains no chemicals, you can safely spray it around your home without the risk of causing any illness.

Moreover, given that it uses completely natural ingredients, it is also a great option for those of you who want to find a good quality pest control option that won’t impact the environment in a negative manner.

Who Should Not Use Rodent Sheriff?

So, while I would certainly argue that Rodent Sheriff is a great option for every person, I don’t think it is perfect for every job.

What do I mean by this?

Well, to put it simply, it is not quite as powerful as many chemically designed options on the market (which you would expect). As a result, if you have some really severe pest control issues, you may need to seek out some more powerful options.

This holds especially true if you have a rodent infestation in your walls, or something similar.

Is Rodent Sheriff Effective?

Now for the true test – did it work for me.

First and foremost, I really want to say that I when I first heard about this product, I was suitably intrigued. As someone who genuinely cares about the environment, and as the parent of a very small fur-baby, I make an effort to avoid using chemically derived products as much as I possibly can.

Secondly, I was in the midst of a small mice infestation at home.

It wasn’t terrible, but I kept finding holes in my cereal boxes, corners of bread loaves bitten, and mouse scat on my kitchen floor – I honestly just gagged thinking about.

So, with this in mind, Rodent Sheriff was the perfect option.

I ordered it online and it came in about a week. In that time, I had been battling away with mouse traps with pretty limited success.

As soon as it arrived, I went to town.

I sprayed every corner of home in a thick coat of this nice smelling peppermint repellent. To be completely honest with you, I probably went a little bit overboard with the amount that I used, but I was pretty sick of having mice.

And the results were pretty astounding.

As in, the next day, the mice were gone.

Like, completely gone.

So, while I can’t say for certain that Rodent Sheriff does as advertised regarding rats and roaches, I would not be surprised given how damn effective it was at rectifying my mouse problem in a single night!


Rodent Sheriff is a pest control option that uses all-natural ingredients.

With this in mind, it is pet, kid, and environmentally friendly – making it the perfect option for many of you who are not willing to douse your homes in harmful chemicals.

Moreover, it works, and it works well – I strongly recommend it!

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