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Choosing the Best Sleep Supplement

Written by Sabrina Wilson and updated on June 22, 2018
Choosing the Best Sleep Supplement

Over the last decade or so there has been a huge increase in the amount of research looking into sleep – or more specifically, the importance of sleep in regard to your health. You see, a lack of sleep has been shown to have seriously negative health implications across the entirety of the body.

These include an increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, an increased likelihood of cognitive decline and mental illness, and even associated weight gain and obesity.

Not to mention the nasty brain fog and feelings of nausea that often come with a significant lack of sleep.

Now while there are a number of steps we can take to improve sleep quality and our health (like avoiding artificial light, and developing a sound sleep routine), we can also look down the avenue of sleep supplements.

What are Sleep Supplements?

Sleep supplements are exactly what they sound like – supplements that help you sleep!

With this in mind they typically impact the body in two key ways. Firstly, they enhance your ability to fall asleep. Secondly, they increase the overall quality of your sleep.

Most high quality sleep supplements use a combination of scientifically supported ingredients to enhance all aspects of sleep. Those key ingredients with the most research behind them appear to be Melatonin, Magnesium, Valerian Root, L-Tryptophan, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Valerian Root, and L-Theanine.

Each of these compounds have been shown to interact with the body at a physiological level, enhancing feelings of relaxation while also improve sleep quality in a big way.

What are the Health Benefits of Sleep Supplements?

Given the apparent importance of sleep and its huge impact on health, we wanted to take an objective look at the research to establish the its true health benefits. Within this, we wanted to determine where and how sleep supplements offer us the most help.

Do Sleep Supplements Help Promote Weight Loss?

Interestingly, poor sleep has been linked to excessive weight gain. In fact, those individuals who get low amounts of sleep (less than 6 hours per night) have been shown to have significantly greater fat mass that their strong sleeping counterparts.

Amazingly, a recent review has also shown that children and adults who consistently have short sleep durations are more than 50% more likely to be obese than those who get a decent amount of sleep each night [1].

This is ultimately because sleep helps regulate hormone and energy levels, putting us in a much better state to use fat for energy, and to exercise.

With this in mind, enhancing sleep quality and duration through the use of sleep supplements is highly likely to help unwanted weight gain, and even aid in weight loss.

Do Sleep Supplements Improve Cognitive function?

Sleep is incredibly important for the normal functioning of the brain. Considering this, poor sleep has been linked to reductions in general cognitive function combined with impaired memory and concentration, reduced productivity, and even reduced work performance [2].

Alternatively, good sleep has been shown to improve problem solving skills and memory performance in a very big way [3].

As a result, it appears that sleep supplements may have the ability to improve cognitive function by ensuring adequate sleep levels are achieved each and every day.

Do Sleep Supplements Enhance Athletic Performance?

In conjunction with their impact on mental performance, it appears that sleep supplements may also have a positive impact on physical performance too. You see, longer sleep has been shown to significantly improve speed, accuracy, reaction times, and mental wellbeing in athletic populations [4].

With this in mind, sleep supplements may also offer an excellent way to maximise your athletic performance easily and effectively.

Can Sleep Supplements Help with Diabetes?

Type II diabetes is typified by higher resting blood sugar levels combined with a resistance to the hormone insulin. This ultimately results in the body being unable to manage and regulate its own blood sugar levels effectively, which wreaks havoc with the body and your health.

Interestingly, over time enhancing sleep quality has been shown to lower resting levels of blood sugar and improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin [5]. The action of these mechanisms suggests that sleep supplements may actually offer an excellent addition to traditional diabetes treatment options.

Can Sleep Supplements Help Treat Depression and Anxiety?

And finally, many mental illnesses have been linked to poor sleep quality and any associated sleeping disorders. In fact, it has been suggested that as many as 90% of individuals suffering from depression suffer associated declines in sleep quality [6].

Considering this, the implementation of sleep supplements as a way to enhance sleep may offer an excellent way to improve mood and stave off feelings of unwanted depression and anxiety.

Best Sleep Supplement Product Reviews

Given that sleep supplements appear to have the capacity to boost health in a myriad of different ways, we wanted to give you some great options that you can start using immediately. In fact, we would suggest that these three products make up the best sleep supplements in the market at the moment.

Peak Performance Sleep Now

This particular product by Peak Performance is one of the most well received on the market.

Built using key ingredients Magnesium, Valerian Root, L-Theanine, GABA, L-Tryptophan, and Melatonin, it really ticks a lot of boxes for us. You really cannot go wrong here.

ZHOU Driftoff Sleep Supplement

Driftoff by ZHOU is hands down the most popular sleep supplements available at the moment, in which it has been extremely well received by consumers across the globe. 

Containing potent dosages of Valerian Root, GABA, L-Tryptophan, and Melatonin, this has everything you need to enhance sleep quality immediately.

Evlutin Nutrition Sleep Mode Sleep Supplement

This great option by Evlution Nutrition is one of the most effective on the planet. Containing scientifically supported dosages of Magnesium, Valerian Root, GABA, L-Tryptophan, and Melatonin, it is an exceptional choice.