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Strategies to Effectively Recruit and Retain Physicians

By Sabrina Wilson / January 13, 2022
Recruiting doctors

About 20 percent of doctors plan to have a career change within one year, while around 70 percent of physicians across all specialties typically change jobs within the first two years of their career. While more than one-half of physicians choose to remain in the facilities where they trained, many are lured away by new career opportunities.

Why do physicians choose to change their jobs?

While many physicians plan to change their jobs, it is surprising to know that they themselves often cannot identify what the real problem is with their position. Most of them cannot even describe what they think is an ideal life or job for them. Another thing is that while many doctors go through the same dilemma, most of them fail to get the proper guidance and mentorship. 

For medical recruitment companies that work with physician candidates, it is vital to get to the heart of the matter. They have to understand why the candidate wants to look for another job. It will be beneficial to all concerned to identify their current problems and what they want in their career and life. When they identify the crux of the problem, they can be assured that physicians will stick to their jobs. 

Recruitment strategies

The doctors' job market is booming, and competition is fiercer today. Thus, a recruitment agency needs to differentiate itself. 


Doctors often want to work in a good environment. Therefore, a recruitment company needs to understand market demographics, local cost of living, and the local environment to convince the candidate to accept the job that will offer more benefits in a better location to the physician and his family. 

Offer better incentives

You will have more chances of attracting several candidates if you offer several incentives. And you can convince hiring companies to provide more incentives such as a signing bonus, retirement/401K plan, educational loan repayment, continuing medical education allowance, relocation allowance, or malpractice insurance. These benefits often convince top talents to take the job and stay with the hospital.

Engage job seekers online

Use technology to find more candidates. You can widen your candidate pool, connect with passive and active jobseekers, and reach more physicians through technology. Many physicians are passive job seekers but are still open to finding new job opportunities that come their way. Right now, social recruiting appeals more to candidates. Establish an online presence so it will be easier for candidates to find you and get to know your company as well. 

Talk to them offline

Although technology should be a part of your recruiting technology, it is likewise vital to use the phone. Physicians receive plenty of recruiting emails. However, you can build a relationship by making your connection more personal with them through phone calls. As a medical recruitment company, it is vital to understand what drives physicians to look for another job. Then, if you have a multi-pronged strategy for recruitment, use the proper channels to attract physicians, and get hiring companies to offer more incentives. You will have more success in finding many candidates.

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