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Trouble Sleeping? 

This Fast-Acting Fix Is Proven to Work

Simple 60-second test shows how

Trouble Sleeping

Scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment that makes you live longer. It enhances your memory and makes you more creative. It makes you look more attractive. It keeps you slim and lowers food cravings. It protects you from cancer and dementia. It wards off colds and the flu. It lowers your risk of heart attacks and strokes, not to mention diabetes. You’ll even feel happier, less depressed, and less anxious. Are you interested?

--Matthew Walker, PhD, Author of Why We Sleep

The amazing breakthrough Dr. Walker is talking about is sleep. There are over 17,000 scientific studies supporting this argument. Getting a good night of rest can do all that for you

And if you're NOT getting enough sleep...well, what is the opposite of all that?

Sleep is massively important!

So there's almost nothing more frustrating than lying awake for hours in the middle of the night when all you want is to sleep.

This Cheap Sleep Tech Gadget Retrains Your Brain to Fall Asleep Naturally on Its Own

For Many, There's a Simple Solution

Many people suffer from a simple problem that prevents them from falling asleep. To see if this is true for YOU, take the quick test below by playing the video and following the instructions. 

It takes less than one minute total.

Is Your Number 10 or Higher?

If it is, you may be in luck because the solution to your insomnia may be simple.

You need to get your breathing down to 6 breaths per minute. That's the range that triggers your body's baroreflex to calm you down and reduce the mental noise in your head.

Deep breathing techniques have been used for over two thousand years in yoga and meditation practices to relax the body and mind.

More recently, a 2011 study in Health Science Journal identified potential health and relaxation benefits of deep breathing exercises, particularly from the diaphragm.

Best of All, No Pills

One of the best things about this technique? Unlike traditional insomnia medications or sleeping pills that can cause dependency, deep breathing is said to get more effective over time.

When done for six weeks, it can positively impact heart rate variability, an indicator for reduced stress, improved cognition, and decreased anxiety, according to a 2013 study on pranayamic breathing.

By far, easiest way take advantage of deep, slow breathing at just the right pace--and without having to think about it or even count breaths--is to use this affordable and effective sleep tech gadget

So slow down your breathing and get ready for a night of peaceful, healthy and rejuvenating rest.

This Cheap Sleep Tech Gadget Retrains Your Brain to Fall Asleep Naturally...All on Its Own


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