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How to Use Meditation Statues

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Practicing meditation is important for your health and well-being. It is a time for you to focus on only your inner peace and let all the chaos of the outside world fade away. In our modern society with an increasingly busy way of life it is more important than ever to take a break and ground yourself in an effort to find serenity.


Best for...


Statue alone

Very small Zen garden with statue

Use with scented candles

Hanging on a wall

Largest, best value

You can meditate just about anywhere but if you are able to have a space set up without distractions for you to focus on being zen, you will achieve a much deeper state of meditation. Ideally, creating a space in your house for you to easily meditate and find your inner peace can be found in creating a serenity room.

This is a room where you can go to with your favorite meditation chair and some calming meditation decor is sure to inspire tranquility.

Understanding Buddhist Decor

When used appropriately Buddhist decor is a very powerful way to bring inner peace into your home. Each item signifies a specific feeling and pose. These items help motivate you to achieve the stance and feelings associated with them.

When you buy Buddhist statues for your home it is important to know the meaning behind your Buddha statue. Each one is made with a different teaching in mind.

A meditating Buddha statue is the one you will most commonly see used for meditating routines.

What are meditation statues used for?

Most things we keep in the house are for pure aesthetic appreciation. Meditation statues on the other hand are meant to be inspiring to work towards being more peaceful. It is meant to promote relaxation and serenity within you.

Bringing with it positive vibes, these statues all have their own meanings but are meant to encourage and invite awareness and inner peace. Some have added features such as a candleholder or Zen garden. These add an extra level to their purpose.


Best for...


Statue alone

Very small Zen garden with statue

Use with scented candles

Hanging on a wall

Largest, best value

Meditating Buddha Statue

Measurements: 8.5" x 7" x 11.5"

Weight: 3.6 lbs

This lightweight statue of the meditating Buddha is sure to instill calmness and tranquility. Inspiring focused concentration, this small statue carries a big meaning. Also called the serenity or calming Buddha, this statue will encourage a freeing state of mind that will give you the concentration to focus on your inner peace. This statue would be a good choice for the focal point of your home’s meditation place.

Meditating Buddha Zen Garden

Measurements: 8.2” x 8.2” x 3”

Weight: 2.5 lbs

This excellent piece has a meditating Buddha statue which is sure to inspire inner peace to your serenity room. As an added bonus, this meditating statue comes equipped with a stress relieving Zen garden. Rake your worries away while you practice the art of meditation. Create some ambiance for evening or early morning meditation with the candle. Add this Buddha statue to your home and feel the energy change.

Lotus Candle Holder

Measurements: 4.2” x 4.2” x 2”

Weight: 7 oz

From the darkest and muddiest of waters the beautiful lotus flower blooms. Opening up to be an impressively beautiful or flower this gorgeous candle holder will inspire positive thoughts and remind that in the darkness there will always be light. The ambiance the candle creates is sure to add to your meditative experience empowering a deeper level of relaxation. Light the candle in a dark room and allow the flicker of light to sweep you into your meditative state.

Buddha Wall Statue

Measurements: 17" x 5" x 27"
Weight: 7lbs

The biggest of all the statues, this large Buddha statue will make a statement in any room. This awe-inspiring piece is truly one of a kind. Its relatively lightweight design makes it easy to set up and its powerful meditation pose is sure to inspire focus and inner peace. This statue signifies meditation. Perfect for helping you center yourself and get you in the right headspace. Being able to hang it on the wall makes it take up virtually no space. This would be perfect for a room that is dedicated to your meditation. A meditation underneath this inspiring wall statue would be the perfect accent.

Calling the Earth Buddha with Zen Garden

Measurements: 16.5” x 8.4” x 22.7”

Weight: 1.8 lbs

This gorgeous piece will be large focal point in any room. Its versatility is our favorite thing about it. With the calling to the Earth Buddha, this statue inspires an enlightenment of mother nature. Burn your incense using this statue or light one of the candles to create a proper ambiance for your serenity room. Feeling stressed? This excellent piece also has a Zen garden which will calm your spirit and inspire a deep connective thoughts.

Meditation statues carry many functions. From being your inspiration for mindfulness to acting as a relaxing Zen garden these statues will encourage a deeper level of peacefulness.

Add one to make a statement in your serenity room or combine a few to speak to different levels of your meditative state. Finding your inner peace is important. With the help of you your favorite meditation statue you will reach a state of serenity you never have before.

We love all of the meditation statues on this list but there is a clear winner. The Calling the Earth Buddha with Zen Garden and Incense Burner is the winner. It has many features including a Buddha statue, an incense holder, a Zen garden with a rake and a well made tray to rest all of it on.

This combination of features makes this a robust meditation set. The incense add an extra dimension to this Buddhist meditation statue. It’s small design makes it fit into any space while giving the full effect of the statue.

These statues are only one of the many meditation decor and accessories available, check out this monster list. Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think.

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