Using an Oil Diffuser in Your Car

Written by Myles Nystrom and updated on December 10, 2016
Car essential oil diffuser

While some people only use a car on the odd occasion, for a large portion of us, commuting to work on a daily basis is the norm. And while I enjoy driving, sometimes, especially after a hard day’s work, driving can become a bit of a chore, making you feel even more tired than you already are.

But, other than invest in an autonomous car or chauffeur to take you wherever you need to go, how can you avoid getting drowsy when behind the wheel? By using a car oil diffuser, that’s how. Car oil diffusers are a step up from your average run-of-the-mill air freshener. As well as making your car smell nice, essential oil diffusers can help you feel more alert while driving.  

Why Use an Oil Diffuser in the Car?

As well as making your ride smell nice, there are several other benefits to using an oil diffuser in the car. Here are just some of the many health concerns that it can help with:


Certain essential oils, such as bergamot and ylang-ylang, are well known for their antidepressant qualities. Using these fragrances in an oil diffuser while driving can help combat negative thoughts and help lift one’s mood. 

Sinus relief 

If you’re someone who suffers from sinus problems, you may benefit greatly from using an oil diffuser in the car. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint all have natural healing properties that work wonders at providing sinus relief. 

Dry skin 

As well having a nice, sweet, smell, some essential oils such as peppermint and helichrysum are also good at moisturizing both the skin and lips. Just a few drops in your diffuser will help purify and humidify the air, leaving your skin and lips hydrated.


This is probably the number one reason of all as to why people use essential oils in the car. Driving requires your focus 100 percent of the time, and even then, mistakes happen. This can make some people nervous, causing them a great deal of anxiety while on the road.

Using essential oils like frankincense, and bergamot in your car diffuser can be very effective at calming one’s nerves. It’s particularly useful when you’re stuck in traffic or running late for an appointment.

Sore throat 

You probably wouldn't have even considered using an air diffuser to cure your sore throat in the past, but sure enough, essential oils such as cinnamon and eucalyptus can work wonders in this department. They’re also good at boosting the immune system on a whole. 

How to Choose a Good Oil Diffuser for Your Car

There are so many different essential oil diffusers out there for your car that it can be hard to know where to start when looking to buy one. However, the following list should help you along the way. Below are some of the main things to be aware of when shopping for a good oil diffuser for your car:  


Car diffusers vary in terms of the capacity of the tank, which in turn, will affect how long it diffuses for. If you’re someone who regularly does long journeys in the car then it may be worth opting for one that has a higher capacity.


Not all oil diffusers are quiet. In fact, some are pretty noisy and can be off-putting while driving. So if you’re someone who gets easily distracted by slight noises, then make sure you choose a diffuser that’s silent or as good as.


There are two main types of car diffusers: those that are ultrasonic and those that are nebulizing. Ultrasonic car diffusers use just a few drops of essential oils mixed with water in a tank. The way it works is by vibrating the mixture at a high frequency causing the micro-particles to disperse into the air.

A nebulizer diff