▷ The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide (2022 Update)

The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide

By Nikita Andester / July 1, 2018
Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide

I genuinely love every aspect of being vegan. From the amount of greens in my diet to the savings in the grocery aisle (ninety-nine cents for a pound of dried beans, anyone?), being a vegan brings joy to all facets of my life. That is, until it comes time for someone to feed me or buy me a gift.

I hate thinking of my loved ones hemming and hawing in the aisles or online, unsure of what to get. So, for those of you stumped about what to gift your vegan friends – it is the wedding season, after all – I made a list of eleven ideal gifts to give the vegan in your life. These gifts range from under $10 to over $1000, so buckle in! There’s something here for everybody.

1. Vegan Sprinkles

I know what you’re wondering. How in the world can sprinkles not be vegan? Until very recently, I was duped by the sprinkles industry myself, until a friend broke my heart and gave me the (sprinkly) scoop: sprinkles contain confectioner’s glaze, which is derived from shellac. And what is shellac?

It’s a substance that comes from the shell…of a lac insect. Go figure. And according to one source, some 300,000 lac insects are killed per kilogram of shellac produced. Talk about not vegan friendly! For all of your vegan friends who are dessert fiends, there’s hope in the form of these birthday medley sprinkles for only $9. With a blend of silver stars, rainbow jimmies, and nonpareils, these sprinkles are every baking-happy vegan’s dream gift – without breaking the bank.

2. Loam Magazine

A good magazine is like a piece of tabletop art. When looking for a gift for vegan who loves to read, check out Loam Magazine, a quarterly publication with a focus on sustainable habits, self-care, and our relationship to the earth.

Loam founder Kate Weiner is an activist with a mindful aesthetic and a passion for connecting people through sustainability and intersectionality. Each magazine is a beautiful, curated piece, and a thoughtful gift for any vegan in your life.

3. The Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko Schinner

If you ask any vegan what the best store-bought cheese is, they won’t hesitate to tell you about Miyoko’s. Known by her first name like a plant-based Madonna, Miyoko Schinner is legendary in the vegan culinary world.

Her cookbook is a must for any vegan kitchen. Chock full of recipes for stocking the pantry with vegan staples including cashew milk, mac ‘n’ cheese mix, and seitan-based meat substitutes, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

4. Donation to an Animal Sanctuary, or a Sanctuary Tour

If you’re racking your brains for a gift for the vegan that has everything, consider donating to an animal sanctuary in their name, or if possible, setting them up with a sanctuary tour.

At the end of the day, few things bring a vegan more joy than some truly happy animals, and showing that you care about their values will mean the world to them. Click here for a semi-comprehensive list of sanctuaries state-by-state – or run a quick search of animal sanctuaries near you.

5. Local Foraging Class

Vegans like weird stuff. For real. The longer I’ve been vegan, the deeper my relationship has become with my local flora. And in every climate across the globe, there are edible wild plants – like mushrooms, greens, and berries – all around.

Signing that vegan you know up for a class on local wild edibles is a one-of-a-kind and practical gift that is sure to delight any vegan. Check out this list of meetups across the United States for one in your area.

6. Annual Subscription to Chickpea Magazine

Chickpea Magazine is the leading name in vegan magazines. Stocked with recipes, how-tos, and interviews, all focused on veganism and animal rights activism, a subscription to Chickpea is a boon for any vegan household, without straying too far beyond your budget. Their print subscription rings in at $65, and their digital? Only $15.

7. Vegan Makeup

For the vegan makeup lover in your life, there are few better presents than quality, cruelty-free makeup. And there’s a wealth of options these days, like Kat Von D’s #veganalert lines. My personal go-to makeup is all from Gabriel Cosmetics, a reasonably priced, cruelty-free band that fills all my high-femme, glam needs – just look at their Zuzu Luxe lipstick in “Vegas”.

8. CSA Subscription

Ah, the CSA. Every vegan household’s dream. A CSA, short for community supported agriculture, is a program in conjunction with a local farm. In exchanged for a fee, farmers provide a household with a weekly box of fresh, often organic veggies all season long.

CSAs are a wonderful way to support local farms: the reliable, up-front income of a CSA commitment is essential to funding farms while the selling season picks up. In return, your vegan friend will have fresh, diverse veggies infusing life into mealtime all summer and autumn. Scope out your local farmers’ market for farms offering a CSA near you.

9. Matt & Nat Purse

But if you’re looking for a gift that dazzles, and are ready to step up the purchasing game for a vegan in your life, stop over at Matt & Nat to find the perfect vegan present. Matt & Nat offers a broad range of high-end vegan leather goods – from wallets for $45 to full-size luggage for just under $200.

A cornerstone of veganism is the commitment to cruelty-free leather alternatives, and supporting companies whose values are in line with the vegan movement. Giving these as a gift is a surefire way to wow that plant-based special someone in your life.

10. Nicora Shoes

If the vegan in your life is fashion-forward, investing in a pair of high-end, vegan leather shoes is a gift that will leave them speechless. And Nicora doesn’t just stop with their vegan leather; their recyclable rubber soles and commitment to repairable shoes speaks volumes to the company’s dedication to sustainable fashion. These shoes are released in small batches, so if you’re looking to buy them, it’s best to keep an eye on when the collections get released.

11. Photography and/or Elopement Session with a Vegan Photographer Duo

A core facet of the vegan community is seeking out and supporting fellow vegans in their business ventures. Surprise the vegan – or vegan couple – in your life by giving them the gift of an elopement package or photography session with vegan photographers like The Drawhorns.

Jess and Austin Drawhorn are a vegan officiant and photographer duo that marries couples in remote, idyllic locations, both across Colorado and internationally. If you’re on the hunt for a gift your vegan friends will remember for the rest of their lives, a photography experience with The Drawhorns is an experience that will last forever.

With these eleven amazing opportunities to wow your vegan friends and family, there’s no limit to the gift-giving possibilities. From sprinkles to photography sessions, there’s something for everybody – and every gift budget. What kind of gift are you planning to get that special vegan in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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Nikita Andester is a Denver-based writer and graduate student of creative nonfiction. She lives full time in her camper, where she writes and whips up wholesome, plant-based meals. Her creative work can be found on Wild Musette and Loam Magazine.

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