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TRUTH About Coconut Oil: 10 Benefits You Must Know

Admittedly, when I think of oils...that is to say, natural oils that are are extracted from plants and are beneficial to us in some fashion, coconut oil isn't the first oil that comes to mind. Nor is it the second. In fact, until I began researching the health benefits of coconut oil, it was merely something I was vaguely aware existed and even then, only by proxy. 

Ironically, my wife has been using coconut-oil every day for the past few months in numerous ways and as most devout followers, swears by its benefits. I intend to list only some of them here as there appears to be more uses for this oil than Velcro.

What Are the Health Benefits of Using Coconut Oil?

Ah...the benefits. Whether ingested or applied directly to the skin, they are many. So many in fact, one could write volumes on the multitude of health benefits derived from consuming coconut oil. People have actually.

For example, 32% of corn oil eaters got colon cancer whereas only 3% of coconut oil eaters got the cancer. Animals fed unsaturated oils had more tumors.

As to the benefits, there are testimonials available by hundreds of people who actually have used coconut oil for any number of conditions and maladies and with remarkable success. In addition, a plethora of peer-reviewed articles have been published. Of the unending list of benefits associated with coconut oil, next are the top ten:

Coconut oil lowers cholesterol
1. Cholesterol-Lowering Properties

For starters, coconut oil stimulates the thyroid gland which is very important to the reduction of bad cholesterol.

coconut oil weight loss
2. Weight Loss

By restricting their carbohydrate level to some degree while adding coconut oil to their daily diet, many people have reported noticeable weight loss and the additional benefits attained from losing those extra pounds.

3. Dry Skin Relief

The term Atopic Dermatitis refers to many maladies of the skin such as Eczema, Psoriasis and even Acne. These painful conditions and other skin disorders have shown marked improvement after having coconut oil applied directly to the affected area.

coconut oil for skincare
coconut oil is high in lauric acid
4. High in Lauric Acid

Lauric acid is the major fatty acid found in coconut oil and breastmilk. It is saturated fat and has had an unfair war waged against it by those promoting unsaturated fats as a healthier alternative.

coconut oil may help prevent cancer
5. Anti Cancer Properties

The following statement below is taken directly from Coconutoil.com. It attests to the fact that saturated fats (as coconut oil contains) can be beneficial to the body despite heavy lobbying by special interest groups who claim the contrary is true. In 1987 Lim-Sylianco published a 50-year literature review showing the anti-cancer effects of coconut oil. In chemically induced cancers of the colon and breast, coconut oil was by far more protective than unsaturated oils.

6. Improves Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
coconut oil improves diabetes
7. Kills Candida Fungus
coconut oil treats candida
8. Conditions and strengthens hair
coconut oil conditions hair
9. Promotes good heart health

Despite what you may have heard, coconut oil is loaded with "good" fats that actually ward off heart problems.

coconut oil and heart health
10. Excellent antimicrobial properties (substitute for Neosporin)

In conclusion, I only scratched the surface of all the wonderful health benefits that coconut oil delivers. The more I read up on this miraculous natural oil (and heard about it from my wife) the more convinced I became that it really is something special and well worth your time looking into how it may benefit you.

coconut oil promotes healing

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments if you have other great uses for coconut oil!

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