▷ 17 Marvelous Uses for Ginger Essential Oil

17 Marvelous Uses for Ginger Essential Oil

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Reannan Raine

Reannan worked in the non-profit sector for 30 years. Now she devotes her time to freelance writing and sharing knowledge about alternative ways to stay healthy. She believes we could all benefit from the use of fresh herbs and spices in our cooking, essential oils in our medicine cabinets and daily meditation.

janie - January 8, 2018

thanks for the great, helpful info.

Chidi Anokwu - March 28, 2018

Thanks for this information. Which of this products are good for osteoarthritis of the knees

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Kathleen M Barber - November 1, 2018

I would like to find out what is meant by 1% to 3% oil/carrier.

    Sabrina Wilson - November 1, 2018

    It means the essential oil is 1-3% of the total volume of the carrier oil. So you’d have 1% essential oil to 99% carrier oil.

Lelo - March 12, 2020

Is it ok to use ginger essential oil as a base moisturizer? I have terribly dry skin. After every shower, my skin dries and cracks. I decided to apply ginger essential oil and I’ve been fine. Does it have side effects of long use?

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