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Clary Sage Essential Oil: Benefits, Uses and Safety Info

Clary Sage Essential Oil

The pastel purple flowers and soft green leaves of the Salvia sclarea perennial offer a sweet, woodsy, floral, fruity, herbaceous, slightly balsamic aroma to its essential oil. Along with helping to ease muscle spasms, clary sage essential oil can help reduce minor pain and inflammation.

This essential oil may help minimize the presence of unwelcome bacterial activity and work to boost a compromised immune system. Clary sage essential oil is a lovely support for healthy lung function and can help open the airways during a minor asthma attack.

Emotionally and energetically, clary sage essential oil is uplifting and nourishing. This essential oil can help manage situational anxiety and depression. (1)

It works to unblock or release stagnant energy. Clary sage essential oil allows creative inspiration to flow freely, often helping in times of indecision or emotional confusion.

A word of caution: Some women have reported significantly increased menstrual flow when used during an already heavy period.

1. Get Relief from Cramps

Clary Sage is not only an antispasmodic, it’s also a great pain reliever.  The two actions together calm muscle stiffness and spasms, reducing premenstrual tension in turn easing menstrual cramps.  Cypress has similar actions and the two together will kick those cramps right out. Consider a Sitz or Hip bath to help ease cramps.  It works remarkably well for these circumstances.  Anytime you want to ease pain or discomfort, inflammation or speed up healing, soaking in the warm water will increase blood flow to the area, easing discomfort and increasing your healing.

There may be situations where a sitz bath may not heal your condition, but it can bring great relief to many associated symptoms. Choice of other oils for menstruation discomfort include Basil ct. Linalool, Bergamot Citrus bergamia, Jasmine Jasminum officinale, Lavender Lavendula angustifolia and Sweet Marjoram Origanum officinalis.  Run 3-4 inches of warm water in your tub and add a single or combination of oils.  For a regular size tub, you could use 5-20 drops per ½ ounce (1 tablespoon) of carrier oil. Blend your essential oils with your carrier prior to adding to your water to keep essential oils from adhering to the skin and possible irritation. 

2. Help the Flow of Your Menstrual Cycle

Clary Sage is an Emmenagogue, which means it has the ability to induce or promote the menstrual cycle. Along with helping your cycle along, as prementioned it will keep the pain and discomfort down as well as keep those spasms under control making your cycle a whole lot more tolerable.

3. Calm PMS

Mood swings, bloating, headaches and general grumpiness can be reduced or even completely eliminated with this essential oil. Inhalation is your best route of application for any kind of mood issues.  Amazon carries inhalers and you can add up to 15 drops per inhaler.   Begin using it about a week before you expect your next menstrual period or as soon as you begin to notice PMS symptoms.

Important Note: Whatever you choose for an oil, make sure that the oils you purchase are high quality. Remember, you're breathing this oil into your lungs so essential oil quality is a terrible place to cut corners.

4. Balance Hormone Levels

Utilize clary sage oil’s wonderful estrogen-balancing properties.  It’s through observation that it seems to be helpful for women suffering from excess estrogen and post-menopausal women who have been struggling with depression.  Direct inhalation through the olfactory system is best.  You can purchase blank inhalers at Amazon or other retailers.  Add 15 drops of Clary Sage.  Use your inhaler as often as needed. For diffusers, add up to 15 drops or per diffuser instructions and run at 30-minute intervals.

5. Relieve Stress

Add anywhere from 5-20 drops of clary sage essential oil to your favorite carrier oil.  Add your blend to bath salts to avoid a slippery tub, then into warm bath water and take a good, long soak. Your stress and anxiety will melt away. You can also put 15 drops in your aromatherapy diffuser to get the same effect. It is believed through observation that Clary sage naturally reduces cortisol levels in your system. Your body produces cortisol when you are stressed in order to control your blood pressure and protect your immune system. Unfortunately, excess cortisol, which occurs when you are constantly stressed, can produce spikes in your blood sugar levels, prevent restful sleep and cause you to retain excess weight in your abdomen.

6. Fight Depression

Utilize clary sage oil’s natural mood-boosting properties to fight depression and reduce anxiety. You can add up to 15 drops in your diffuser and run it for 30 minutes a few times a day to naturally lift your mood.  Other options can include combining your Clary sage with a carrier oil, add into bath salts and into your bath.  I’ve also provided you with a blend to consider.  This can be used in a tub, diffuser or personal inhaler.

Uplifting Blend
  • 10 Drops Clary Sage Salvea sclarea
  • 5 drops Bergamot Citrus bergamia
  • 10 drops Sweet Orange Citrus sinensis
  • 4 drops Rose Geranium Pelargonium roseum x asperum

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7. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

A 2017 randomized controlled trial compared the effectiveness of aromatherapy and acupressure massage on the quality of life in career women. 132 participants were equally assigned to four groups: placebo, Lavender, blend of Lavender, Clary Sage and Marjoram (equal parts), and acupressure massage.

The placebo and aromatherapy treatments consisted of a 20 minutes long diffusion three times a week with water, or water plus 5 drops of Lavender, or 5 drops of EO blend in an ultrasonic diffuser. The acupressure massage was given for 45 minutes once a week. Quality of life and sleep quality scores were taken at the beginning of the trial and after