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Are CBD Oil Capsules Legal & What Are They Used For?

By Tina Marianna / February 28, 2020

Since CBD has the ability to treat at least dozens of chronic conditions, its demand has skyrocketed around the world. Even though its use started in the US, it has spread towards other parts of the planet. This is proof that our views towards CBD are heading in the right direction, yet the legality of the matter remains a very contradictory issue even within the US itself. Since CBD continues to add more benefits to its record-book, it remains to finally decide whether it is legal or not under any conditions. If you are looking to grab some CBD Pills, then check out the following link: – for sale

Difference between CBD from Hemp and Marijuana

CBD can be extracted from two similar plants of the cannabis family: Hemp and Marijuana. This means that they share a lot of characteristics. However, there is a crucial difference between the CBD extracted from both these plants. This lies in the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive compound that makes us high. While the marijuana plant can contain up to 30% of THC, hemp plants just have a maximum of 0.3% THC. To make it simple: marijuana can make you very high, but with hemp it is quite impossible to get high whatsoever. 

Since hemp has no psychoactive effects, (as of now) the law clearly states that it is legal. Many hemp products are sold around the world. But marijuana is a whole different story. This is precisely why the source plant of CBD is very important to determine its legality.

The Legality of CBD Derived from Hemp Plant

As of now, you may think that unless marijuana is in the way, CBD is completely legal. And you are quite correct. However, focus on the key words in the subheading meaning “CBD derived from Hemp”. Since CBD has no psychoactive effects by itself, its possession, sales and purchase is permitted (at least in the US). 

Nonetheless, since Hemp is quite similar to Marijuana, there is still some residue stigma towards Hemp products. But what should interest you, is that it doesn’t matter which CBD products you consume, you name it pills, capsules, gummies, e-liquid or oil, it is legal to do so when it is completely derived from Hemp. 

What About the Legality of CBD Derived from Marijuana Plant?

CBD products manufactured from a marijuana plant cannot afford to enjoy the same advantages. Since these products have been derived from a THC-rich plant, no matter how effective and thorough the manufacture process is, it is still considered a byproduct of marihuana. 

And trust me, it is blamed and judged accordingly. Yet, in some places CBD derived from marijuana is legal (mostly where marijuana can be smoked without problems). Nevertheless, the majority is still mixed about how the law should treat this type of CBD. 

Either way, CBD products are being accepted and used at a very fast rate. Everyone should feel quite optimistic about the future prospects of CBD. Just give it some time to sort out. 

In the meanwhile, if you need to consume CBD pills for pain or to treat any illnesses like, cancer or depression, just make sure that it is derived from a Hemp plant. You should be good to go!

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