???? Choosing the Best Berberine Supplement (2024 Update)

Choosing the Best Berberine Supplement

Best Berberine Supplement

Many would argue that the supplement industry truly started thousands of years ago, where specific herbs and spices were frequently used to treat certain conditions, stave off disease and illness, and improve health and function.

Interestingly, while the use of these specific compounds was based on little more than anecdotal evidence and word of mouth (the science industry was obviously non-existent), recent research suggests that many of these compounds may actually impact the human body in a positive manner – some to a much greater degree than many of the lab based compounds developed today.

And a fine example of one such supplement?


What is Berberine?

Berberine is a unique compound that is found naturally occurring in a number of different herbs, including goldenseal, barberry, goldthread, tree turmeric, and Oregon grape. With this in mind, it has held a place in traditional Chinese and Indian medicinal practices for thousands of years.

In a more specific sense, Berberine is type of alkaloid (a specific chemical compound) that has a bright yellow color, and was traditionally thought to cause large improvements in health, stave off illness, and boost both energy and longevity.

And interestingly, recent research also supports this.

Berberine has been shown to interact with the body at a cellular level across a number of physiological system, leading to large improvements in health.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Berberine?

Because Berberine interacts with the body through a number of different mechanism, it has been shown to impact health in a variety of different ways – all of them extremely positive.

Berberine Supplementation and Diabetes

Type II diabetes is one of the most common disease to plague our nation. Typified by an inability to manage blood sugar levels, combined with a significant resistance to the hormone insulin, type II diabetes is responsible for an absurd amount of deaths each and every year.

Interestingly, supplementing with Berberine has been shown to cause a rapid improvement in blood sugar levels in those individuals suffering from type II diabetes – in which its effectiveness is comparable to some prescription medications [1].

This appears to occur through both an improvement in blood sugar absorption AND by increasing insulin sensitivity, suggesting it is an extremely effective way to improve blood sugar levels and aid in the treatment of diabetes.

Berberine Supplementation and Weight Loss

In conjunction with is positive effect on the body’s ability to handle insulin, the consumption of Berberine has also been shown to increase the effectiveness of both Adiponectin and Leptin – two of the primary fat regulating hormones found within the body.

Through these interactions, Berberine supplementation has been shown to inhibit the growth of new fat cells, while also causing subsequent reductions in fat mass – irrespective of current exercise levels. This suggests that Berberine may offer an excellent natural option when looking to promote weight loss [2].

Berberine Supplementation and Heart Disease

Heart disease is currently thought to be the primary cause of death throughout the entire world.

One of the primary mechanisms for an increased risk of heart disease relates to heightened levels of low density cholesterol (LDL) within the blood – which results in plaque buildup on the walls of our arteries.

Interestingly, Berberine supplementation has been shown to cause significant reductions in blood levels of LDL cholesterol, while causing a subsequent increase in HDL blood cholesterol (also known as ‘good cholesterol’).

Through these mechanism, Berberine can result in a significantly reduced risk of heart disease combined with a subsequent increase in cardiovascular health and function [3].

Berberine Supplementation and Dementia

And finally, combined with the above, Berberine has also been shown to have a positive impact on our cognitive health and function.

With this in mind, supplementing with Berberine has been shown to protect against neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, while also reducing the risk of experiencing age related declines in cognition.

This has also been suggested to come with reduced feelings of depression and anxiety in susceptible individuals [4].

Best Berberine Supplement Reviews

The only negative associated with Berberine Supplements is that there is almost too many of them on the market – which makes it extremely difficult to choose a good one.

With this in mind, we have gone ahead and found what we believe to be the top three Berberine supplements available on the market at the moment, each offering us with an excellent means to introduce Berberine into our diet.

Amazing formulas provide us with one of the most popular Berberine supplements on the market. Highly regarded by many within the health industry, it provides us with a scientifically supported dosage, while also offering excellent absorbability.

No products found.

As an added bonus, this is a fairly affordable option, making it perfect for those on a tight budget.

Sunergetic are a supplement company that almost exclusively specialize in natural herbal remedies and compounds. With this in mind, they are well known for producing excellent natural products that are both effective and well-priced.

Sunergetic Premium Berberine Supplement - 1200mg of Berberine Per Serving - Berberine HCL Supplement Non-GMO - Immune Support- 60 Berberine Capsules

This Berberine supplement is no different. Providing us with a whopping 1200mg of Berberine per capsule, it is one of the most potent on the market – an excellent choice.

Thorne research have long been considered one of the premier supplement companies on the market, in which they have developed a great reputation for producing excellent products on a consistent basis.

THORNE Berberine 1000 mg per Serving - Botanical Supplement - Support Heart Health, Immune System, Healthy GI, Cholesterol - Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free - 60 Capsules - 30 Servings

This Berberine supplement is no different, providing a scientifically supported dosage of 500mg per capsule, it offers excellent bioavailability. While this option is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, it ensures effectiveness.

Take-Away Message

Berberine is an interesting natural compound that has been used in traditional eastern medicine for centuries. Interestingly, recent research has also supported its use, where it has been shown to improve blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels, reduce our risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, promote weight loss, and improve mental health and cognitive function.

It truly is one of the most potent natural supplements available on the market.

The three options outlined within this article are what we believe to be the best available on the market. If you have had any experience with any of them we would love to hear about it, so please drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.


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