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Black Ginger Supplements: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage

By Sabrina Wilson / August 17, 2020
Choosing the Best Black Ginger Supplement

There are a number of supplements still around today that have actually been used for thousands of years in the traditional medical practices of our ancestors.

Suggested to enhance health and stave off disease and illness, many of these compounds have well and truly stood the test of time, with modern day research demonstrating their effectiveness in a variety of health-related scenarios.

One organic compound that has recently received a huge amount of attention from the health industry is black ginger – a potent plant based supplement that has been said to enhance fertility and reproductive health, while also reducing inflammation and boosting heart health.

But what is it, and does it actually work?

What is Black Ginger?

Black Ginger (also known scientifically as ‘Kaempferia Parviflora’) is a unique form of ginger that grows naturally throughout northeast sections of Thailand.

With this in mind, black ginger is very popular among the local Thai people, who use it regularly as a way to boost energy, stave off fatigue, and increase sex drive.

It is important to note that while closely related to the ginger family, this unique plant is also known as black turmeric in Japan.

In modern day, Black Ginger can be consumed in the form of a tea, in supplement form.

Black Ginger itself is full to the brim with potent antioxidant compounds (polyphenols and flavonoids) that are known for their ability to boost health.

Moreover, it is also full to the brim with one specific flavonoid known as polymethoxtflavone, which has been shown to exhibit potent health benefits throughout the human body.

What are the Health Benefits of Black Ginger?

Given the potent health boosting compounds that black ginger contains, it stands to reason that its consumption will offer us some seriously positive effects.

As such, we have taken an objective look at the research to determine where it offers the most benefit.

Does Black Ginger Improve Endurance Performance?

There is some interesting research demonstrating that the potent flavonoids found within black ginger actually increase energy production capabilities at a cellular level.

Through this mechanism, energy production during endurance exercise is thought to become both faster and more efficient, thus improving performance capabilities.

This has been demonstrated in animal studies, which have shown vastly improved endurance performance during swimming exercise compared to control groups.

This suggest that black ginger may make an excellent addition to your regime if you participate in regular aerobic exercise or compete in endurance sports.

Does Black Ginger Help with Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a complex, chronic, multifactorial, inflammatory disease that involves hyperproliferation of the keratinocytes in the epidermis, with an increase in the epidermal cell turnover rate.

These extra skin cells begin to form scales that can become itchy and extremely painful.

But, by reducing inflammation throughout the body and within the skin specifically, black ginger has been shown to reduce the signs and symptoms of psoriasis, suggesting its use as a natural treatment modality.

Does Black Ginger Boost Libido and Erectile Dysfunction?

In conjunction with its potent anti-oxidant and inti-inflammatory properties, black ginger also has the ability to supress a compound known as PDE5.

In doing so, it has been shown to enhance blood flow to the peripheral tissue, while also causing an increase in dopamine secretion.

Through each of these distinct mechanisms, the supplementation of black ginger has been shown to increase erection strength and assist in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. With this, it has also shown to cause increases in both libido and sexual satisfaction post intercourse.

Can Black Ginger Reduce Blood Pressure?

And finally, in conjunction with the above, black ginger has also been shown to improve cardiovascular health.

You see, by increasing blood flow throughout the body, the supplementation of black ginger has been shown to cause lasting reductions in blood pressure.

As a result, it appears to offer a natural addition to traditional hypertension treatments, while also offering a way to increase general cardiovascular health markedly.

Best Black Ginger Product Reviews

Given the positive health effects that black ginger supplementation demonstrates, we wanted to give you some high-quality options that you can begin to implement immediately.

Our first option by Barlowe’s Herbal Elixirs is a fantastic option. Produced using completely organic black ginger extract, this great option provides a potent dosage of 500mg per serve.

Kaempferia Parviflora - 60 500mg VegiCaps - Stearate Free, Bottled in Glass!

It really has everything you need to boost health rapidly.

Our next option is actually one of the highest rated on the market. Providing another excellent dosage of 500mg per serve, this is both potent and effective.

Premium 400 Capsules 500mg Kaempferia Parviflora Grachai Dum Black Ginger Galingale Extract Powder Grown in Thailand

Moreover, providing 400 servings per container, this is also one of the most affordable options on the market, making it perfect for those on a budget.

And finally, we have this great option by Butea Superba. Again containing 500mg per serving, this is another potent option.

60CAPS 500mg Butea superba Kaempferia parviflorabo Premium Grade Grown in Thailand.

While it is somewhat more expensive per serve than the other options on this list, it is an extremely high-quality supplement that guarantees effectiveness. You really can’t go wrong here.

Optimal Black Ginger Dosage

As with most organic supplements, a true daily intake his yet to be determined.

However, research suggests that dosages of anywhere between 150mg and 1500mg per day appear to adequately provide the above health benefits without eliciting any side effects.

As such, we recommend you start your dosage at around 200mg per day, and slowly move up to 1000mg as you see fit.

Does Black Ginger Have Any Side Effects

At this point in time there is no evidence of adverse side effects experienced while using black ginger.

Within this, it has as it has been recommended by the Thai Traditional Medicine Institute as a safe supplement.

However, it is important to note that there is no research surrounding its use in individuals who are breastfeeding or pregnant. As such, we can’t recommend its use in either of these scenarios.


Black Ginger is a potent health boosting compound that has been used for thousands of years in traditional Thai medicine – and it appears that they were on to something.

With evidence to suggest that it can reduce inflammation, enhance endurance performance, treat erectile dysfunction and increase libido, help treat psoriasis, and even reduce blood pressure and stave off cardiovascular disease, it is a seriously impressive product.

As always, if you have had any experience using black ginger then we would love to hear about it – so drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP!


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Andrea - September 25, 2018

I want extract powder not capsules, so this was of no help to me.

Vince - June 7, 2019

This was of great help to me. I ordered the 500mg capsules and it was recommended to take 2 capsules in the morning before have food and than take 2 capsules, 1 hour before sexual activity. That’s 2000mg per day.

I have been experiencing sleep deprivation, constant urination, feeling overheated and sweating. I suspect that it’s caused by the black ginger.

Thanks again for the information you provided!

SHELDON TAITT - July 26, 2019

Hi, for your three recommendations, is it possible to see the ingredients listing on the label? Why I am asking this is because some products grind the whole root and use that whilst others are an extract which will then be more potent.
Looking forward to your feedback.
Kind Regards

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