Reviews of the Best Prebiotics Products: Benefits, Safety and Dosage

By Sabrina Wilson / November 4, 2018
Best Prebiotic Supplement

One of the key emerging areas of health research is based around the digestive system, and more specifically, the bacteria that inhabit it.

You see, our digestive systems contain millions upon millions of bacteria, which can easily be categorized as either good bacteria or bad bacteria. Good bacteria are considered such as they improve digestive health and function, whereas bad bacteria inhibit it.

The state of our digestive bacteria has been shown to have strong association with an increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, mental illness, increased chronic inflammation, and reduced cognitive function.

All of this explains why keeping the bacterial state of the digestive system in a good place is so very important – which bring us to prebiotics.

What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are essentially a type of non-digestible fiber that pass through the digestive system almost entirely untouched by the human body. Now, you might be asking yourself why would we want to consume something that we don’t actually use?

And the answer lies with our bacteria.

You see, this specific type of fiber remains within the digestive tract where it is fermented by the good bacteria within the gut.

During this fermentation process, a vast number of compounds are produced. Some of these are nutrients which are essential to the survival and function of the good bacteria within the gut, while others are absorbed into the body where they play a hand in a number of important interactions.

And through these interactions, they can influence health in an extremely positive manner.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Prebiotics?

Supplementing with prebiotics have been shown to have a number of positive effects within the body, demonstrating the ability to improve health in a BIG way.

Prebiotic Supplements and the Digestive System

As the fermentation of prebiotics produce nutrients essential to the health of good gut bacteria, it stands to reason that their supplementation can impact the digestive system in a positive manner – something that has been shown time and time again.

You see these nutrients stimulate the growth of this good bacteria, increasing both its size and number within the digestive system [1]. This increase our ability to breakdown complex food molecules, while also helping defend against harmful compounds that enter the digestive tract.

This boosts the health of the digestive system in its entirety, improving our ability to breakdown and digest food, reducing the risk digestive discomfort while also increasing our absorption of essential nutrients.

This has also been shown to further protect us from digestive issues like IBS, leaky gut syndrome, and intestinal infections [2].

Prebiotic Supplements and Immune System Function

The good bacteria within the gut act as our first point of defense from harmful organisms and toxic substances. By improving their health, we also see a huge improvement in their function.

This means they can remove a large number of harmful molecules before they actually reach the body – reducing the amount of stress policed on the immune system [3].

With this in mind, the supplementation pot prebiotics has been shown to cause large improvements in the function of the immune system, reducing our risk of developing various disease and illnesses significantly.

This has also come with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, a reduction in resting blood pressure, and a vast improvement in general health [4].

Prebiotic Supplements and Weight Management

A well balanced bacterial profile has been shown to have extremely strong associations with improved energy balance, satiety regulation, and a reduced risk of becoming overweight and obese. This also comes with greatly improved hormone management [5].

With all this in mind, the increased consumption of prebiotics has been shown to improve our ability to regulate hunger signals, while also creating a sensation of fullness after consumption. This makes them an excellent addition to the diet to promote weight loss, particularly when combined with a solid exercise regime.

Best Prebiotic Supplement Reviews

With the increasingly popularity of prebiotic supplements, there has been a huge number of options enter the market. As a result, we have outlined what we believe to be the top three prebiotic supplements on the market at the moment.

This prebiotic powder by Hyperbiotics is one of the most popular on the market, designed with the sole intent to optimize the health of your gut bacteria and boost digestive function.

Hyperbiotics Organic Prebiotic Powder | 13.23oz, 54 Servings | Unflavored Fiber Supplement | Supports Healthy Digestion & Growth of Beneficial Bacteria | Jerusalem Artichoke and Acacia

Using a unique blend of potent dietary fiber, this includes some extremely high quality ingredients provided in scientifically supported doses. While it is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, it offers us with an excellent option that ensures immediate results.

Prebiotin are one of the premier digestive health supplement companies that consistently produce high quality products that are very well regarded within the health industry – in which their prebiotic supplement is no different.

Prebiotin Prebiotic – Premier Fiber Dietary Supplement Powder – 8.68 oz – Beneficial to Support Total Digestive Health – All-in-One, Full Spectrum Prebiotic – Enhances Immunity – Gluten Free

About the Product:
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free
  • Pure, clear, and taste-free
  • Works from within to naturally increase probiotic growth throughout the entire colon
  • Supports optimal digestive system and immune systems health
  • Increases calcium absorption

Using high quality ingredients, this prebiotic powder has been extremely well received by the health community, due to its ability to improve health and cause large improvements in digestive function. As an added bonus, this powder is almost completely flavorless meaning you can mix it with anything.

Dr. Tobias are a favorite of ours as they consistently put out great quality supplements at very affordable prices. This prebiotic powder is a prime example of that, using excellent quality ingredients in scientifically supported amounts – it truly is a great option.

Dr. Tobias Prebiotics – Helps Support Digestion & Gut Health, Boost Immune System & Feed Good Probiotic Bacteria – Vegan & Non-GMO Dietary Fiber Supplement – 1 Daily, 30 Capsules

About the Product:
  • Prebiotics and probiotics are essential for the optimal health of numerous systems in the body including the digestive and immune systems. 
  • GutMeister supports your floral balance by feeding ONLY the good bacteria
  • GutMeister effectively targets the ‘bad bacteria while avoiding the disadvantages that many standard prebiotics that include ineffective or synthetic compounds 
  • Safe, effective, and immediate, GutMeister naturally boosts ‘good bacteria’ probiotics in men, women and children
  • Made in a GMP certified facility to assure quality
  • 30 capsules,  a full month

As an added bonus, this is one of the more affordable prebiotic supplements on the market, making it absolutely perfect for those on a tight budget.

Take-Away Message

Keeping our gut bacteria in good health appears to be one of the most beneficial things we can do to improve both digestive health and function, while also maintaining general health and wellbeing – and prebiotics offer one of the best ways to do this.

By feeding the good bacteria within the gut, prebiotic supplements can cause vast improvements in digestive health, while also boosting immune system function, protecting against disease and illness, and improve our ability to lose weight significantly.

The three prebiotic supplements within this article are what we believe to be the best on the market. If you have had any experience with ANY of them, we would love to hear about it – so please drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.


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