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Valerian Root Supplement Reviews: Benefits, Safety and Dosage

By Sabrina Wilson / September 20, 2018
Choosing the Best Valerian Root Supplement

There a number of unique supplements that have not only stood the test of time but have genuinely flourished when put under the microscope of modern day researchers. These compounds have often been used for thousands of years, and are really only now getting the recognition that they deserve.

One such ancient supplement is Valerian Root.

What is Valerian Root?

The Valerian (also known as Valeriana officinalis) is a flowering plant that grows natively throughout Europe and certain parts of Asia.

Historically, the root of this incredible plant has been used extensively as a natural remedy for insomnia and anxiety, to reduce muscle trembling and spasms, and to improve cardiovascular health.

In modern day, valerian-based supplements are still made from the roots of this plant, but are typically consumed in capsule and tablet form.

The health effects of valerian root supplements are thought to be the result of three key bioactive compounds found within the plant:

  • The essential oils valerenic acid and valenol
  • Valepotriates
  • And certain alkaloids (with emphasis on actinidine, valerianine, and valerene).

Through the interaction of these compounds, valerian root has been shown to increase the production and secretion of the neurotransmitter GABA, reduce inflammation, relax the muscle and neural systems, while also allowing it to act as a potent antioxidant.

All of which cause huge improvements in health.

What are the Health Benefits of Valerian Root?

Given the unique properties of this incredible supplement, its health benefits are both far reaching and profound.

Does Valerian Root Improve Sleep?

GABA is a key neurotransmitter that downregulates CNS activity. In doing so it can relax the mind and body, creating sensations of tiredness and satisfaction.

With this in mind, the supplementation of valerian root has been shown to cause significant increases in sleep quality. With this often comes an improved ability to physically fall asleep, while also ensuring less restless sleep throughout the nights duration.

Does Valerian Root Help Depression and Anxiety?

Similar to the above point, by increasing the amount of GABA in the body and increasing the body’s sensitivity to GABA, valerian root has been suggested to have a positive impact on those individuals suffering from depression and anxiety.

In fact, its consumption in individuals with clinically diagnosed depression has been shown to cause large reductions in the severity of depressive and anxious feelings, making it the perfect addition to traditional treatment modalities.

Does Valerian Root Lower Stress?

Under times of extreme stress, GABA secretion is reduced. This results in a heightened stress response, often in conjunction with associated feelings of anxiety.  When taken by individuals who suffer from extreme life and work-related stress, valerian root has been shown to reduce the severity of the stress response.

Consequently, this is thought to not only improve mental and physical health, but also improve your ability to be productive in high stress scenarios.

Can Valerian Root Help Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

While the exact mechanism remains unclear, there is recent research demonstrating that the regular supplementation of valerian root for as little as two weeks can improve attention and focus in children suffering from ADHD.

This suggests that it may offer a natural alternative to more traditional pharmaceutical treatment options.

Can Valerian Root Help Reduce Menstrual Pain?

Valerian root has previously shown to exhibit a muscle relaxant effect, while simultaneously reducing the nervous stimulation to overactive muscle tissue. As a result, it has shown promise as a natural method of reducing the painful symptoms associated with menstrual cramping.

Does Valerian Root Improve Cardiovascular Health?

The relaxant like effect of valerian root has also been shown to extend to the muscles that make up the walls of your veins and arteries.

Considering this, valerian root appears to have the ability to improve their function, thus causing reductions in blood pressure. With this, it has also demonstrated the ability to strengthen the blood vessels and improve their elasticity.

As a result, valerian root appears to offer an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health and stave off heart disease.

Does Valerian Root Help Age-Related Cognitive Decline?

And finally, by stimulating the brain and enhancing the health of the nervous system, valerian root has also been shown to stave off age related declines in cognitive function, suggesting a potential means to help promote brain health across the aging process.

Best Valerian Root Product Reviews

It is apparent that valerian root can have some seriously positive impacts on your health. As a result, we have gone and found some great options that you can begin to use immediately.

When it comes to simple, effective, and affordable, its hard to look past this great option by NOW.

NOW Supplements, Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis) 500 mg, Herbal Supplement, 250 Veg Capsules

Providing a potent dosage of 500mg per serve, this is a great quality option that has been extremely well received by consumers.

Another great quality product by Nature’s Way that has been designed with affordability in mind.

Nature's Way Valerian Root, 530 mg, 100 Capsules,

This product provides 530mg of pure valerian root per serve, making it the perfect option for those looking to boost health on a budget.

Our final option by Natures truth is one of the most potent valerian root supplements on the market.

Nature's Truth Valerian Root 1200 mg Supplement, 90 Count

Providing a whopping 1200mg dosage per serve, this is guaranteed to have a positive impact. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Optimal Valerian Root Dosage

As valerian root is not deemed an essential nutrient, it does not currently have an established recommended daily dosage. However, research has shown that dosages 400mg to 1200mg grams per day can provided all the associated health benefits.

As a result, we recommend you start at 400mg per day and slowly increase up to 1200mg if you deem it necessary.

Does Valerian Root Have Any Side Effects?

While valerian root is commonly reported to have zero side effects, some studies have shown that this is not actually the case. In fact, some side effects that have been reported include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • check
    Itchy Skin
  • check
    Nausea and upset stomach
  • check
    Issues focusing
  • check
    Strange dreams

If you begin experiencing any of these side effects, we recommend you cease supplementation immediately.


Valerian root has been used successfully for thousands of years to enhance health in a number of different ways.

With this in mind, research has clearly demonstrated that it has the ability to improve sleep quality, help treat depression and anxiety, improve heart health, reduce menstrual cramping, and even stave off age related declines in cognition.

It is a pretty impressive supplement!

As always, if you have had any experience using valerian root then we would love to hear about it – so drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.


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