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Garden Hose Hangers, Holders and Reels

Written by Sabrina Wilson and updated on September 11, 2018
Best Garden Hose Reels

Watering the lawn or garden manually can be a very long and arduous task, particularly if you have a large yard. You have to hook up the hose and drag it all the way out and around the yard. Then when you're done, you have to drag it back to where it’s kept and somehow make it look nice and tidy and not a trip hazard at all. Effort!

Thankfully, there’s a little invention called the garden hose reel that’s there to make this task a whole lot easier. In this buyers guide and review, we’ll share with you some of the things to consider when making your next garden hose reel purchase before pointing you in the right direction of some of the best models around. 

What to Consider When Buying Garden Hose Storage

Technically, you don’t need a garden hose reel to water your garden. That being said, it does make it a lot easier for you. There’s no need to drag the hose around the lawn with you and it keeps the hose nice and neat. But before you go off to make your purchase, be sure to consider the following:

How long is your hose?

You’re going to need to know the length of your hose before you buy a hose reel. Buying one that’s too small is obviously not going to work, and buying one that’s too big is a waste of space. Try and aim for a hose reel that’s no more than 50 feet longer than your hose. 

Do you want a portable or mounted hose reel?

The next thing you’ll need to decide is whether you want a hose reel that you can carry around the garden with you or if you’d prefer one that’s mounted to the wall. If you have quite a small yard you may want to consider buying one that’s mountable. There’s less lifting involved and they’re usually much quicker to pack away.

Are you looking for a retractable hose reel?

Some hose reels out there are retractable. This means that they automatically wind the hose back in once you’ve finished watering. These reels are extremely easy to use once you get them going. However, you do need quite a lot of strength to start them off. Please note that most retractable reels are spring loaded and can be dangerous if not used properly. 

The Garden Hose Caddy Buyer's Guide

While they may not be particularly complicated products, there are still a few things to consider when shopping for a good hose reel:


The material in which the garden hose reel is made will play a large part in how long it will last. Most hose reels get used quite a lot throughout the year. They’re often kept outside and many are dragged around the lawn. And for that reason, you want to make sure you get one that’s heavy-duty and likely to last for a few years.

When it comes to garden hose reels, the most common materials used are plastic and metal. That being said the quality of both can vary greatly from model to model, so be careful. Stainless steel is always a good option as is durable and rust-proof - perfect for being outdoors. Avoid any that are made solely of plastic as they are liable to warp in the heat.  


If you opt for a mounted garden hose reel, the weight isn’t something you need to be too concerned with. If, however, you choose a portable hose reel, you’re going to want it as lightweight as possible.


You shouldn’t get too hung up on price when buying a garden hose reel for two reasons. The first is that it’s an investment, not a purchase. You’re not going to be buying a new one every week. Provided you get it right the first time, your next garden hose reel should last for many years.

The second reason is that you invariably get what you pay for in terms of quality when it comes to hose reels. Buy cheap and you will get cheap. Invest a little more, and you should get a much more durable and longer lasting product.

Ease of use

Another thing to bear in mind before you make your purchase is how easy the hose reel is to operate. As mentioned earlier, these are not complicated pieces of machinery. However, one thing to be wary of is how hard it is to reel in the hose. The less effort that’s needed, the better!

Child safety

If you’re likely to leave your hose reel somewhere a child may have access to, then it’s definitely worth considering a model that has a child lock feature. Or, a hideaway reel is another option. These reels conceal the hose when it’s no longer needed, making it less tempting for youngsters to mess with. 


Most garden hose reels require some kind of assembly. Sometimes they come with the necessary tools needed. Other times you may need to supply your own. However, you never normally need more than a wrench or a few screws.

Either way, you will want to consider this when making your purchase. If you’re someone who’s not too comfortable with DIY you may want to find a model that requires very little assembly.    

Top Tips on Using Your Garden Hose Reel Holder

The following are a few simple tips that will help make your watering experience run more smoothly:

  • To make the winding in of your hose easier, simply lay it out in a straight line first. Then, slowly reel it in.
  • Make sure you have drained all the water from the hose before winding it back in.
  • Never use a reel with a hose it’s not designed to work with.
  • Always read the instruction manual that comes with your purchase.

Top Tips on Caring for Your Garden Hose Reel Hanger

To ensure the longevity of your hose reel you need to maintain it, regardless of how high-quality is. The following general maintenance tips should help get you started in the right direction:

  • Clean your reel regularly. Garden hose reels tend to spend a lot of time outside. And for that reason, you want to make sure they don’t get too grimy as this may damage both the reel and hose.
  • Inspect your reel often. You can probably do this at the same time as cleaning. Just give it the once over without the hose on to make sure it moves and functions as it should. All reels have moving parts and they can become worn or damaged over time. The more often you inspect your reel, the less likely you’ll encounter an unfixable problem.
  • Never store your reel when it’s wet. This may cause it to rust or go moldy, depending on the material used. Giving it just a quick dry when using the reel regularly is fine. But when packing it away for the winter, be sure to dry both the reel and outer hose thoroughly.
  • Regularly oil any moving parts. Most metal objects that have moving parts will seize if not used on a regular basis, and hose reels are no different. To prevent this from happening, lubrication is the key. Apply a small drop of oil to any moving parts regularly to prevent damage from wear and tear.
  • Apply a protective coating. If you’ve opted for a metal reel another way to help preserve its life is to coat it with either a clear finish or acrylic paint. This will help to prevent rusting.