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How and Why to Use an Essential Oil Humidifier

Essential Oil Humidifier

Essential oils are a godsend to many people. They make them feel better when they have a stuffy nose or are having a hard time sleeping. They can make a room smell better and lighten the mood.

These oils really do have a lot of health and wellness benefits that people enjoy, but some don’t take full advantage of them. They really don’t know the different ways that they can use essential oils on a daily basis. Maybe they enjoy them on occasion with a massage, but it just seems like such a hassle to use them on a daily basis.

One of the best ways that you can incorporate essentials oils into your life is with an essential oil humidifier. This is an especially great thing to have on hand during the winter months with the dry air from having to run the furnace all the time, not getting enough fresh air in the home, along with all of the winter bugs that seem to go through homes, offices, and classrooms like wildfire. You’ll be able to get all the benefits of a humidifier and your favorite essential oils for all of your ills.

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Items discussed in this article includes:
  • What is an essential oil humidifier?
  • Why can’t you use essential oils in a regular humidifier?
  • How to use your oil humidifier
  • Tips on Choosing Your Oil Humidifier
  • Finding the perfect way to use it
  • Cautionary tale
Shopping List for this Article:
  • Your oil diffuser
  • Water
  • Essential oil or essential oil blends based on your needs
  • Hand towel (per your needs as it may not be necessary)

Step by Step Instructions for Purchasing and Using Your New Essential Oil Humidifier

Step 1: What is an Essential Oil Humidifier?

Regular diffusers only vaporize the essential oils. An essential oil humidifier is a diffuser that offers the function of turning your essential oil into a vapor that you can inhale for the benefits of the oil along with getting all of the benefits that come from water vapors being added to the air in the form of a humidifier.

This essential oil mist will help to make the room’s air better for your health and make you feel better. There are a number of sizes of humidifiers that you can buy as your diffuser, and the size of your room is one factor that you can use in helping you decide which one will be the best unit for you, but more on that later in the article.

Humidifiers are a great choice over regular diffusers as the water that gets released along with the essential oils into the mist is great for your health. It can be just what your family needs to deal with a cold, stuffy nose, chest congestion or a simple cough. They are also great for reducing nosebleeds during the winter when the dry air dries out the mucous membranes making them susceptible to cracking, especially when a stuffy nose is added to the mix.

Step 2: Why Can’t I Just Use Essential Oils in my Regular Humidifier?

You may be wondering why you can’t just use your essential oils in your regular humidifier that you already own. The simple answer is that you really shouldn’t because your humidifier wasn’t built to run with essential oils. There’s a good chance that you could add some drops of essential oil to your regular humidifier, and it will work just fine.

The problem is that over time your essential oils could wear down your humidifier, and it may break quicker than it should in its normal product life. It’s just not built to deal with having more than just water and cleaning products added to it. Having to replace this could be pretty expensive in having to replace this unit rather than just investing in a humidifier that is meant to have essential oils added to the water.

Step 3: How to Use Your New Diffuser

Your new diffuser will probably differ from the one that another reader will purchase, but most of them will be operated in a very similar fashion. You’ll have to open up the humidifier to add the water and the essential oil that you’ll be using. Most units will have it marked inside how full you should fill it up, but the instructions can be helpful here.

You may also want to play around with how many drops of oil that you add to the unit to reach the amount of scent you want permeating the room. Then, you’ll close it up, and use your towel to wipe up any spillage that you may have from water or essential oils on the floor or the unit itself. Just turn it on, and go.

Since every machine is different, you’ll want to read over your instruction booklet before using your unit just to make sure that you’re using it correctly to get the most use out of it. Plus, you’ll also want to make sure that it’s safe to use in the way that you plan on using it.

Step 4: Tips on Choosing Your Oil Humidifier

There are several factors that you’ll want to keep in mind for choosing your essential oil humidifier. You’ll want to determine whether or not you want to use a special humidifier for your oils or if you want to risk going the regular humidifier route. The cost of the unit will certainly play a role. Some units may come with scents that you can try, and others will require you to purchase them separately.

Be sure that you understand if you need to buy some as you don’t want to get your unit without the essential oil as you won’t get immediate gratification. You’ll also want to think about the features, such as how much square footage it covers and so on. A final thing you need to consider is how much are you going to be using this unit, and whether or not the unit will keep up with your needs.

Step 5: Finding the Perfect Way to Use It

You’ll need to start trying to find the perfect way to incorporate your oil diffuser into your home and schedule. This means you may want to experiment where you’ll keep it, when you’ll use it, what oils you’ll like to use, and even how strong you like your essential oils to smell from it. This can be a lot of fun in getting into a good rhythm with it.

Don’t forget that you can use a variety of essential oils and blends with your machine. You’re not stuck with just one oil. You can use them interchangeably with each other to match whatever use you need it for at a particular moment.

Cautionary Tale

Be sure that you read the instructions for the diffuser that you pick as this will help you to keep it clean and make it last longer. Sitting water in your tank can lead to health problems as mold and mildew can grow in a humidifier that isn’t properly cared for when not in use. You may think a quick rinse will allow you to clean it completely, and let you use it again, but this could cause you to spread the spores of these into the atmosphere compounding the problem.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on your diffuser when you start using it, especially if you have it located near wood floors or furniture. Some humidifiers can make a bit of a mess depending on how you use it with the water vapor. It can be a good idea to keep a towel on hand to wipe up any mess or keep it underneath it for any spills. In addition, since you’ll have this running to an outlet, you’ll want to make sure that none of the water makes its way to your outlet as this could pose a huge electrical risk for your home.

Finally, if you’ve decided to give your regular humidifier a try with essential oils, you’ll want to work on keeping it clean and looking for any signs of deterioration from the oils you use. It can be a good idea to stay away from the more caustic oils that will damage your humidifier, such as citrus-based oils. These will be more damaging than other oils on your humidifier working parts.


Now you know how to get all of the benefits of the best essential oils with the benefits of running a humidifier in your home without having to run out and purchase a new humidifier every so often from the essential oils ruining it. This investment will go a long way towards making you feel better in all aspects of your life.

You can run this at night to help you sleep with a nice soothing lavender essential oil blend. You can run it during the day to help energize you with a nice citrus essential oil blend. It’s all about you. Be a healthier and happier you when you start incorporating this into your life.

Have you ever tried using essential oils in your regular humidifier how successful was it for you? Do you have a special diffuser that acts as a humidifier in your home? Let us know all about it so others can learn from your successes and failures. Be sure to share this article with all of your friends that you think would benefit from having a little more essential oil in their life.

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