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Choosing the Best Organic Cotton Sheets and Bedding Sets

Written by Sabrina Wilson and updated on September 18, 2018
Best Organic Sheets/Bedding Sets

If you’ve never had the chance to experience laying down to sleep wrapped up in organic sheets, you don't know what you’re missing. Not only are these sheets friendlier for the environment, but they’re better for you too.

For example, a vast quantity of commonly produced polyester sheets advertised as “no-iron” contain formaldehyde, which is known to produce adverse health effects including respiratory problems, skin rashes, and even insomnia.

Many synthetic bed linens also contain polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs for short. And while these chemicals may be good fire retardants, they too have been known to cause health issues in humans, including thyroid hormone disruption, and cancer. 

Why go organic when it comes to sheets and bedding?

The simple answer to that question is that organic sheets are what they say they are. They’ve not been made with any harmful chemicals that could potentially cause you to develop a life-threatening disease. And, they’re not going to harm the planet as much as traditionally made cotton sheets that use a large number of agrochemicals in which to be made.

Organic sheets are very soft and are also good for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. They’re more breathable than most regular cotton sheets, and they’re more durable too. Lastly, organic cotton is often harvested by hand and there are no harsh chemicals used in which to produce the bedding.  

What to take into consideration when buying organic sheets

So, now you know why organic sheets are the way to go, here are some of the things to consider while out shopping for them:

  • Quality over quantity. When it comes to organic bed linen, the quality of the thread is far more important than the actual thread count. Some manufacturers are quite misleading in this area as they advertise a high thread count, but are actually quite poor when it comes to quality. As a rough guide, sheets with a thread count of 300 - 500 are the ones to aim for. Anything with less than 200 should definitely be avoided. 

  • Fiber content. Always check the label to ensure you are buying 100% organic as some manufacturers can be misleading with this. Some of the most popular organic sheets are those made of Pima or Egyptian cotton, which are even softer than regular cotton. You may find they’re a little more expensive to buy than regular cotton, but boy are they soft.

  • GOTS certified. Products that have been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard are almost certain to be free of harmful chemicals. This textile processing standard looks at how each fiber is sourced and what impact was made ecologically, environmentally, and publically as a result. It is the leading standard in the industry that covers all kinds of organic fibers.

  • Weave type. Most sheets come in either a percale or sateen weave. Percale is the more basic of weaves and tends to give the sheets a more light and crisp feel. Whereas sateen weaves are much more silky smooth. 

  • Avoid ‘no-iron’ or ‘wrinkle-free’ products. Even if they say organic cotton on the package, if they have this feature advertised they are almost certain to contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.

  • Make sure you measure. Just because it says it’s a king size sheet, don’t assume it will fit. Manufacturers of bedding will, of course, use standard mattress sizes in which to base the size of their products. The problem is that they don’t account for how deep your mattress is. So, if you have a really thick mattress, make sure you measure up to ensure the sheets you buy will fit when you get them home. 

  • Price isn’t everything. Don’t consider the cost to be the most important thing when making your purchase. When it comes to organic bedding it really does pay to invest that little bit more. At the end of the day, these are going to be the sheets you cuddle up to each night, so why not splash out a little? And when it comes to this kind of bedding, you’d be surprised what difference just a few dollars can make. 

  • Check the return policy. Just in case you do forget to measure up and find that they are the wrong size, it would be good to exchange them for bedding that fits. However, due to the nature of the product, not all sellers will accept returns. So be sure to check that out when you buy unless you’re 100% confident they will fit and you’re happy with the style.  

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