▷ How and Why to Take a Healing Sitz Bath at Home (With DIY Bath Recipes!)
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How to Use a Sitz Bath for Relief from Hemorrhoids and Other Conditions

Written by Sabrina Wilson and updated on June 25, 2018
How to Take a Relaxing Sitz Bath at Home

Aches and pains are an unavoidable fact of life. Whether it's a stubbed toe or pounding headache, we're all afflicted by pain at one point or another. Sometimes those pains can be embarrassing and uncomfortable… like when it happens below the belt.

It's hard to talk about these health issues – pelvic inflammatory disease, herpes, hemorrhoids – and even harder to find the right treatment for relief and peace of mind. From far-off doctor's appointments to creams riddled with chemicals, looking for the right solution can be overwhelming.

Enter sitz baths.

What You'll Learn...

In this article you'll learn:
1) What a Sitz bath is and what it is used for
2) When to take a hot vs. cold vs. alternating Sitz bath
3) How to augment a Sitz bath with essential oils, including recipes from our aromatherapist designed to aid healing for:
Cystitis | Constipation | Hemorrhoids | Herpes | Impotence | Inflammation | Incontinence | Muscle Pain | Ovarian Discomfort | Prostatitis | Postpartum Recovery | Uterine Cramps | Vaginitis | Vaginal Surgery Recovery

What is a Sitz bath?

A Sitz bath, from the German word ‘zitzen’, meaning to sit, is often referred to as a hip bath. In the mid-1850’s, a sitz tub was used. The tubs were made of tin and were lined in “linen damask, think bird’s eye diaper, or white huckaback” towels to protect the skin from the tin’s heat. The tub warmed the water. Bathing experts recommended vigorous toweling after the bath to promote blood circulation and to remove dry skin. Although created for medical purposes, people found that they really enjoyed them as well.

Although to date there is no evidence that a sitz bath will ease pain and discomfort, personal experience speaks otherwise. Along with healing essential oils, the benefits of healing would certainly increase. Despite the lack of evidence, physicians often recommend the use of a warm bath to ease discomfort.