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The Infrequent & Small Side-Effects From Cataract Surgery

By Sabrina Wilson / December 30, 2021
Cataract Eye Surgery

If you are soon to undergo cataract surgery on one or both of your eyes, or else are considering booking an appointment to have your cataracts removed in the coming months, it is important to learn about the possible and infrequent side-effects that could occur as a result of the surgery.

Before you read on, it is absolutely crucial to remind you that cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures with a phenomenally high success rate and is an operation that lasts only thirty minutes and makes a massive difference to a person’s quality of eyesight.

Dry Eyes

There is a wide plethora of reasons why you may experience the condition of dry eyes, including smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, working with computers on a daily basis, or if you regularly wear contact lenses, and another cause can be as a result of a cataract operation.

Dry eyes can be treated and even avoided yourself by investing in a humidifier for your home, ensuring you get enough sleep, wearing glasses over your usual contact lenses, taking regular breaks from working with computers, and keeping your eyes clean. The benefits of cataract surgery far outweigh any possible short-term side effects, and if you have been diagnosed with having cataracts, it is strongly advisable to arrange for their removal.

Sensitivity To Daylight

In the immediate hours and first few days after your cataract operation, you are more than likely to experience increased levels of sensitivity and even slight pain and discomfort when you go outside, look out of the window, or turn on the ceiling light of a previously darkened room.

Usually, such light sensitivity usually goes away, but occasionally some people report such sensitivity lasting for a week or more. In such cases, make an appointment with your optician, and they will more than likely prescribe some eye drops to manage this sensitivity which will usually subside completely over the ensuing weeks.

Droopy Eyelid(s)

A droopy or enlarged eyelid can occur on one or both eyes on which you had your cataracts removed and is one of the more common side-effects of the operation.

In the vast majority of cases of a droopy or enlarged eyelid, the eyelid repairs itself and completely goes back to normal within six months of the surgery.

A Feeling Something Is In Your Eye

One of the most common complaints from individuals who have just undergone cataract removal surgery is of a feeling that something is stuck, scratching, or otherwise irritating the eye which was operated on.

This is more likely than not simply a side-effect of the incision that was made on the eyeball to remove your cataract and replace your lens and is an entirely normal sensation that, in ninety-nine percent of cases, goes away on its own. In the other small percentage of cases, this sensation could be caused by a stitch that was made to the eye and again should dissolve away over time.

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