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5 Tips To Get Through Your Pre-Appointment Fear

By Sabrina Wilson / April 30, 2022
Appointment jitters

Whether you are due for an appointment at the doctors, the dentists or preparing to go into surgery,; all of us suffer from a pre-appointment anxiety in some shape or form. This can often range from mild jitters to completely overbearing anxiety which could even start to interfere with your day-to-day life.

It can be hard to formulate the words and receive the help and support that you need, but whatever you are experiencing, just remember there are always methods to overcome mental strain. Here are five tips that might be useful for you.

You Are Not Wrong For Having These Feelings

First and foremost, it is important to remember you are not in the wrong. Although it can be difficult for others to understand, feeling anxious even at the simplest of things can be crippling. Often there is no easy relief, especially if you feel wrong or foolish. Just remember that you are not wrong. Anxiety is real and it can take hold of even the strongest, self-assured people. Realizing it is normal can be a piece of the armor you can use to defend yourself.

Remember That You Are In Good Hands

Going into surgery is scary. Thinking about all of the things your body is going to be put through, even if you will be unconscious for the operation, can be enough to make anyone feel anxious. Remember that all the fears you have are mostly irrational. Doctors are well prepared to make sure the surgery is a success. In many ways, surgery is safer now than it ever has been and it is only going to get safer. Organizations like June Medical are more dedicated than ever in creating safer and more efficient medical tools for surgery. This is important, as the more innovation there is in the medical space, the easier the surgeons’ lives will be. This ensures your health is in equipped and experienced hands.

Try Not To Go In Circles

Despite telling yourself all of the reasons you should not be anxious, your brain will counteract this by inventing plenty of reasons you should be. It is likely you will go in circles, convincing yourself you’ll be alright, then convincing yourself you won’t be, then convincing yourself you’ll be alright again. Until it gets dark and you go to sleep. Then you’ll wake up in the morning and begin the cycle once more. Although this is entirely normal, it is something you should try to avoid. It takes great mental energy to have these inner conversations and it will only do more to drain you emotionally.

Keep Active, Even Though You Know It Is A Distraction

The best way to get around having these ongoing internal monologues is to keep yourself active and entertained. If you are stuck in the house, get yourself out and go for a walk. This is a point you will find in nearly all anxiety treating articles, but its importance cannot be stressed enough. Physical exercise is good for your mental health and getting yourself out can feel like you are pacing off those negative feelings.

You Are Not Alone

The last point to make is that, quite simply, you are not alone. Pre-appointment anxiety, no matter how small or no matter how large, is a feeling experienced by many of us. Talking to friends and communicating with doctors is a big step in getting past it. Your anxiety wants to stay inside your head. It is there where it wants to do battle, as it will feel like it has got a hold of you. Airing your feelings will invite those thoughts into the open air where they will appear far less ferocious. Let them out and let them linger. They will feel far more beatable once you have done so.

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