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Meditation is about freeing your mind and reaching a divine level of inner peace. When meditating, it is often helpful to channel energies from external objects to allow you to get to a deeper level.

Different items invoke unique feelings and can alter energy. Meditation beads are one of these items that help you on your journey.

What are Meditation Beads?

Meditation beads, also called Mala Beads, are a string of round stones that help focus your meditation. These can be made out of precious stones or gems that have different energy and power.

There are usually 108 beads on a mala. It is not known why that specific number, but there is speculation. There are said to be 108 energy lines that make up the heart chakra. A pentagon has angles that add up to equal 108 degrees.

Another theory says there are 108 feelings related to the past, present and future. Taken individually, one equals God, zero is humility and eight means infinity. Whatever the answer, these beads hold a high meaning for meditation.

How do I use Mala Beads?

Your first task is to get comfortable. This could be done in your serenity room or a place you feel safe in your home. Take your time to focus on your breathing and start the process of meditation.

You can recite a mantra, or just meditate as you would normally. With your right hand put the guru bead, the last bead on the mala, between your thumb and index finger and start to count the beads while moving them.

Once you reach the other guru bead you can do the same in reverse. This is a good practice to focus your attention to help you meditate.

How do I choose Mala Beads?

The choice of mala beads is a personal one. You should take a look at all the beads below and see which ones speak to you. We have summarized and reviewed some of what we think are the best ones that are readily available for sale. 

Buddhist Prayer Beads

Measurements: 29” in diameter

Weight: 2.4 oz.

Features: Natural gemstones

This is a high-quality Buddha bead set. Available in four different stones, these Mala beads are very versatile. It is made of high quality gemstones and lava rock. Mix a drop of essential oil, we like to use lavender, in water and soak the beads to give a soothing scent. This will add yet another level to these buddhist beads. The green Aventurine is said to have properties that make you more in tune with the universe. It also helps with making your Heart Chakra more calm.

AmorWing Buddhist Prayer Mala Beads

Measurements: 28.5” in diameter

Weight: 4.2 oz.

Features: 6mm Onyx, Red Tiger eye, Orange Agate, Brown Tiger eye, Malachite, Amazonite, Lapis, Lazuli, Amethyst stone

This is Mala bead set includes seven different stones.. It is designed for either a bracelet or a necklace. You can wrap it four times for a 6 inch wrist and can adjust it for how big your wrist is. Each stone signifies a unique energy and affects the body differently. The whole piece exudes an energy that will allow you to meditate effectively.

Tibetan Prayer Beads Necklace

Measurements: 32” in diameter

Weight: 0.8 oz.

Features: Elastic material, unique pendant, lightweight

This bracelet is truly a stunning piece. With an interchangeable charm, this can be worn for everyday use and used as needed. Style as a necklace or bracelet for an individualized look.This unique handmade Mala beads use wooden beads for a look that can easily suite both men and women. Use as a focusing tool on your next meditation and watch as you slip into a deep state of peace. Channeling nature this bracelet will help you get a more raw and natural perspective.

Yosoo Buddha Prayer Mala Beads

Measurements: 26” in diameter

Weight: 1.6 oz.

Features: Colorful stones, high quality string

The Yosoo Buddha Prayer set will surprise you. Made of semi-precious stones it will invoke a different feeling each time you look at it. This is on our list because of the unique look. Each bracelet will be slightly different because of the stone’s color. The smooth texture doesn’t allow you to be distracted by grasping the beads while you are meditating. This is one of the shorter Mala bead sets on our list so it will fit smaller wrists.

8mm Aquamarine Handmade Prayer Beads

Measurements: 29” in diameter

Weight: 4 oz.

Features: Real aquamarine stones, high quality tassel

These gorgeous aquamarine beads represent love and compassion. These powerful beads are also said to increase wisdom and psychic powers. This water gem encourages peace, healing and balance. Meditating with this ruler of the moon is used for the throat chakra. This love stone is an excellent way to get in touch with inner peace and repair communication blocks in your life. A truly magical piece, prepare to have a deep and exploratory meditation that will restore your faith.

Meditating with buddha beads is a powerful way to increase the quality of your meditation. When you are faced with a cluttered or unfocused mind these beads prove even more helpful to help distract and free your thoughts.

Focusing on counting these beads while channeling their natural healing powers will help focus and deepen your meditation.

Our favorite from the list is the 8mm Aquamarine Handmade Prayer Beads. These beads are both aesthetically pleasing and do a lot for encouraging wisdom, love and balance in our life. 

Lastly, mala beads are just one way to improve​ your meditation practice. For way more info, see our monster list of meditation tools.

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