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Gifts for Meditators

Written by Dave Michaelson and updated on December 10, 2018
Meditation Gifts for Father's Day

Probably like many folks, I used to attempt to meditate in a less-than-ideal environment. I’d get up early and use the couch in the sunroom, the bolt upright chairs at the kitchen table, or other locations that were equally sub-optimal. I’d get interrupted by noises and sensations…like my kids jumping on me when they got up early.

It didn’t take me long to recognize the value of having a dedicated space for meditation. I also found that there is value in a few well-chosen accessories to a meditation space. If you can create an association between tranquil meditation and a certain space and/or certain objects, you’ll attain that inner silence that much faster.

Below I’ve divided meditation gear into categories and I’ve made at least one recommendation per category. Whether a gift to yourself or to a loved one who meditates, this list should get you faster results in your quest for inner peace.

Meditation Furniture

If you want to outfit a quiet space with purpose-built furniture (which I think is a solid idea), you’ll need a place to sit and maybe a table, at a minimum.

Meditation Chairs

I once had a meditation teacher that described the proper posture for meditation. It is possible, of course, to meditate in virtually any position. However, there are also positions that encourage the proper flow of energy through one’s body.

My teacher described it as sitting with dignity, as you’d sit if you were a monarch. I personally found it easier to do this if seated in a chair that encourages that posture. It takes a bit of practice to hold it without any assistance and that’s one less thing I’d have to avoid obsessing over while trying to meditate.

Below is our top pick, followed by a more portable model and the Padma seat, which is really an accessory for any chair. Also, check out our full review of meditation chairs

The Alexia Meditation Seat

This is hands-down the coolest meditation seat we've seen. It's not the cheapest one you can buy and it's not very portable, but it looks incredible!

This isn't really a chair or a cushion, but it's a great way to hold your body effortlessly in the Lotus position regardless of what else you're sitting on. This could be a great addition to one of the chairs in our review and it's very affordable.

Meditation Benches

Some people find it a great deal more comfortable to sit on a meditation bench than on a cushion. It lifts you higher off the ground which is easier for people with limited flexibility. See our full review of meditation benches here.

Ronin Meditation Bench

A cleverly designed hinged, folding meditation bench made of sturdy walnut. It's not cheap for a meditation bench, but it's so much better looking than the other options (and so portable) that it may just be worth it.

Kindseat Adjustable Meditation Seat

We dubbed this one the "iPhone of meditation benches" because in terms of design and usability, it's just WAY ahead of the pack. A lot of thought went into this bench and it shows. See our review of this and other meditation benches here.

Kindseat Meditation Bench

Source: Kindseat.com

Meditation Mats

This category is also to help you sit properly and if you’re more experienced and don’t want or need a proper chair, you can save some money by just getting a cushion or mat. You can also use a mat in combination with a cushion. That's what I do because anywhere your bones hit the floor (like your ankles in a cross-legged position) will start to hurt pretty quickly if there's no cushion at all. We've reviewed a few different meditation mats here.

Organically Holistic Acupressure Mat

This mat is a little crazy in the sense that you'll initially feel like you're on a mat of needles. It's an acupressure mat that doubles as a meditation mat. Two benefits in one if you're up to the challenge!

This is a high quality mat that can fold so that it's part mat and part seat/cushion. It's actually great for any kind of floor or outdoor seating but it was designed specifically for meditation. 

Meditation Cushions and Pillows

Below are some great meditation cushions and pillows, which you can use with or without a mat. See all of our meditation cushion reviews here.

This is the Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow which I like because it is tall enough to help out inflexible folks like myself. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and is pretty affordable. They make a variety of these as well, filled with cotton or buckwheat and with several designs. This is one of the most popular meditation cushions on the market. 

This is a neat idea. It's a highly mobile meditation cushion that has 3 separate chambers that are filled with air when you want to meditate. The rest of the time it can be flat as a pancake; perfect if you are a meditator who travels often. 

Meditation Tables

The options for meditation tables falls into a pretty narrow range. There are a lot of similarly priced options and most of them have a very minimalist and modern appearance. If that’s your thing—which it is for me and I suspect for most people—then here are a number of good options below and on our full meditation table review page.

Reclaimed Wood Meditation Altar

This is the top-rated option from our meditation table reviews. It's beautiful and made of reclaimed wood so it's recycled. You can't beat it!

EarthBench Artisan Collection "Yin Yang"