▷ Health Hazards of Wi-Fi

Health Hazards of Wi-Fi

Wireless Internet, or Wifi, is everywhere these days. Anyone can walk into a library, fast food restaurant, or even a grocery store and pick up their wifi as long as the connection is open or they have a password. Most people have it in their homes too. Laptops can run off wifi and kids even have it in schools these days. You can’t go anywhere without being exposed to the dangers of radiation from wifi anymore.

Dangers of Wifi imageHow Wifi Works

Wifi works by signals being transmitted from the router through the walls and then to laptops, mobile phones, and other technological devices. Although we are all exposed to it everywhere we go, it is a dangerous thing to be exposed to. This is because it sends out dangerous radiation.

How Intense is the Exposure?

The cable modems and DSL routers that send the signals for wifi also send out electromagnetic radiation in the low gigahertz frequency. Although the level is low, it is considered to be highly dangerous by scientists and health experts. Remember how dangerous microwaves are with the radiation they send out? Wifi going through the walls of homes is on the same level as this. This is how dangerous and how intense the radiation exposure is to us and we are all being exposed to it every day of our lives.

Duration is a Factor in Health Dangers of Wifi

Not only are we highly exposed to this danger while using it every day but we are actually exposed to it even when we are not online. This is because most people don’t turn off their cable modem or DSL router at night when done with it and it stays connected to the Internet. Because of this, we are exposed to it 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Layering Increases the Health Risks

Not only is your wifi signal harming you and your family but so are your neighbors’. When you are checking for your connection, do you see many other connections available to you as well? Yes, because wifi is all around us whether it is ours or our neighbors.

Health Effects of Radiation

There are many health risks associated with wifi radiation. Are you tired all the time? Do you just feel in poor health generally every day? This is because the health risks associated with wifi radiation include sleep disturbances, heart palpitations, migraines, and just poor health in general. Turn your wifi off and hard wire your Internet for just one week and see how much better you feel. However, this will only work if you live in a neighborhood where no one else uses wifi and everyone is hard wired to the Internet. It will also work if you live out in the country where there are no neighbors around you.

Other Proven Health Risks

Further studies done by scientists on the dangers of wifi radiation suggest that prolonged exposure to it can actually cause tumors, memory loss, and even other forms of brain damage.

Tips to Reduce the Risk

By understanding what you are being exposed to and everything you have connected to wifi, you may be able to reduce the risks of health problems. Turn your router or modem off at night when not in use and turn off anything else during the day when not in use.


Everyone loves using wireless technology and hardly anyone knows the health risks involved with using it, especially using it a lot. Although many people seem like they can’t live without their wireless technology, they actually can’t live with it for too long because of the health risks associated with it. This is why they should understand the problems it causes and start using a hard wired Internet. Hard wired means plugging devices right into the modem or router and not using mobile technology anymore. However, many people won’t do this because they are addicted to it and don’t want to go without it despite the dangers it causes.

What is even worse is wifi is in our schools around our children all the time. Schools are not like they used to be these days. Now days, everything a child does in schools runs off of some type of computer and wifi. This is why we need to understand how serious the health risks are and make sure we do everything we can to prevent them from happening.

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